Independent Software Testing

Best-in-class testing services to help companies deliver quality software products

Since 2009, InApp has been a trusted independent software testing partner for clients worldwide. Our independent QA department within InApp has a team of experienced engineers with certified ISTQB professionals. We understand international software product requirements and are the long-term testing partners for many US software product companies. We provide full-cycle QA and testing as well as custom testing for individual components. We apply the appropriate type of testing, whether manual or automated, for each stage of your software product lifecycle including development, implementation, and maintenance. Our comprehensive testing services are driven by a finely blended mix of various testing methodologies.

We help clients plan their test investments and manage critical testing processes to minimize the cost of producing quality software. We provide instantaneous cost and ROI estimation for your requirements and help you discover which test automation tool is best suited to your needs.  Our robust and repeatable processes ensure consistent high-quality testing services. Our services are tailored to client needs and focus on delivering results and high business value.

Our Solutions

Functional Testing

Validate mainline functionality of applications, checking for basic usability, accessibility and error conditions.

Performance Testing

Determine application responsiveness, stability, investigate for speed, scalability and resource usage.

Web Services Testing

Determine APIs responses to validate the API contract, check for responses in an acceptable amount of time, and respond securely to potential security attacks.

Security Testing

Identify the threats in an application, measures the potential vulnerabilities and detect the security risks in the system.

Web Automation

Testing doesn’t always have to be manual, time-consuming and complicated. Increase the effectiveness, efficiency and test coverage for your application with reliable web test automation tools.

Mobile Automation

Building a high-quality, robust and reliable mobile app in an ecosystem which is unbelievably dynamic and fragmented is a challenge and mobile test automation is definitely a cost effective solution to this problem.

Visual Studio

Case Studies

Slide Enhancing the End-Customer Experience for a Cloud-based Portfolio
Management Company
Learn how we used our expertise in manual and automation testing in solving critical
business challenges faced by one of our clients who is a leading portfolio management
company. Our solution helped them tackle more than 95% of the performance issues
which greatly improved user satisfaction.
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Slide Independent Testing Services for a Leading Technology Service
Learn how InApp became a independent testing partner and helped improve
the product quality for a leading technology and service consultant in the US.
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