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We have a team of experienced software testers who are skilled in using a variety of test automation frameworks and can create custom scripts to automate repetitive and time-consuming testing tasks. These capabilities allow us to quickly and accurately identify bugs and other issues, ensuring that the software we develop is of the highest quality.


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Our automated testing services have provided extensive benefits to a diverse range of clients. Some of these customers include small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve the efficiency of their software testing processes, as well as large enterprises that require advanced testing for their complex systems. We have also worked with startups that are looking to quickly and cost-effectively test their products before launching them on the market.

Our Expertise in Automated Testing

Automated UI Testing

Our team has extensive experience in various tools for UI automated testing, including UFT, Selenium, Katalon, and Cypress. We have worked with these tools extensively and are skilled in using them to deliver efficient, high-quality testing services. For example, we have used UFT to create and maintain UI test scripts that are easy to understand and maintain. We also use an in-house built-in Selenium framework to automate the testing of complex web applications, providing our clients with fast, reliable test results.

Mobile Application Development

Automated Mobile App Testing

Our team has extensive experience in automated mobile testing, helping our clients catch and fix bugs before they become a problem. We have worked with various tools and frameworks to deliver efficient and effective mobile testing services to our clients. We cover everything, including Katalon Studio to create and maintain automated mobile test scripts that are easy to understand and maintain, as well as Appium to test the UI of native mobile applications.

Automated Performance Testing

Our team has extensive expertise in using tools like Apache JMeter and NeoLoad to conduct automated performance testing. Our solutions are designed to simulate real-world usage scenarios, providing detailed insights into the performance of an application under various conditions. This capability allows us to identify and address potential bottlenecks or other issues that could impact the user experience.

API Testing Services

Our automated API testing services allow us to quickly and efficiently test the functionality and performance of APIs. Using tools like JMeter, Postman, and Katalon, we are able to simulate a large number of API calls simultaneously, allowing us to evaluate the performance of an API under various conditions, as well as identify and address potential bottlenecks or other issues that could impact the user experience. Additionally, our automated API testing solutions are able to continuously monitor the performance of APIs, alerting us to any potential issues as they arise.

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