End-to-End Development Services

We offer full-cycle engineering and development services that can take your vision from idea to reality. Our in-house expertise in design, engineering, and deployment is well suited for optimized development of solutions, both as standalone teams and for augmenting existing development teams. We bring to the table our experience in web and mobile applications, CRMs, cloud implementations, machine learning applications, blockchain implementations, IoT, data engineering, and integration with the likes of SAP, Salesforce, and ServiceNow to bring out the best in your ideas.


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Our team of experienced software developers have a proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions to our clients across the globe. For more than 20 years, we’ve served customers of all sizes, ranging from startups to SMBs to international organizations.

Our End-to-End Software Development Services

We offer comprehensive and scalable software solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Backed by our team of experienced engineers, InApp can design, develop, and deploy custom software applications to help you achieve your business goals. We also offer a range of support and maintenance services to keep your applications running smoothly and efficiently.

We offer an array of web application development services to maximize your reach. Our UI/UX engineers work in tandem with web front-end developers to develop responsive websites on platforms such as React, Angular, etc. with styling components like Material-UI. We also offer expertise in web backend using platforms like Node.js, complete with API management and hosting on platforms like AWS. We also provide expert services in using serverless technologies to maintain cost savings.

Mobile App Development

Get native and cross-functional mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms that can interact with backend services. Our mobile application engineers are well-versed in native implementations using Java and Swift. We have an equally strong team skilled in platforms like React Native, Flutter, and Kotlin, enabling a common code base for a number of deployments including browsers, Android, and iOS.

Leave the testing headache to us. Whether it is something we built or something you already have, our team has the skills to perform different levels of testing on the application. A vast experience of more than two decades helps the team consider aspects that could be overlooked in the initial stages. We bring both manual and automated testing capabilities to the table, with additional services in the form of performance testing and stress testing.

DevOps is the backbone of most project execution strategies today. Our team of experienced personnel can help sort out challenges in the form of continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated pipelines, configuration management, monitoring and health checks, etc. The team is also well-versed in cloud deployments, kubernetes implementations, and IaC, making them suitable for implementing cloud-based solutions on platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

AR VR Solutions

Get a wide range of software services from our expert AR & VR developers to create an immersive experience across various platforms, devices, and industries.

Ul/UX Development

Elevate your software with an intuitive UI and optimal UX. Our user experience design services can develop user-friendly and intuitive applications without compromising on needs and functionality, whether ion mobile or web.

Legacy Product Modernization 1

Legacy Product Modernization

Upgrade your aging legacy applications to newer technologies, making them more efficient and easier to use. We can update your software to run on newer platforms, or create new solutions. Whether it is rewriting the code base or integrating with other SaaS providers, we got you covered!

SaaS Product Development

Our SaaS product development services are designed to help you build and launch a successful SaaS product that meets the evolving needs and expectations of your users.

Maintenance & Support Services

Get in touch with our team to ensure your application is up to date in terms of security, compliance, technology, and standards.

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Providing cutting-edge technology services
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Discover how cloud computing cuts across verticals in supporting scalable, secure, and multipurpose applications, whether it is storage, streaming, computing, or full-scale applications.
Whether it is desktop, web, mobile, or enterprise applications, there is something for everyone in the Microsoft universe. We help businesses harness this power for building their applications.
Our expertise in open-source technologies allows us to help businesses build cost-effective and scalable software solutions using popular programming languages like Java, PHP, and Python.

Hire our team of experts with extensive experience in JavaScript Frameworks. Our developers are well-versed in frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js, and Node.js and have a deep understanding of how to use these frameworks to build dynamic, scalable, and secure web applications.

Backed by a team of experienced engineers we help businesses create high-quality responsive mobile apps with multi-platform support.


Leverage our expertise in DevOps to help streamline and automate software development and delivery processes, thereby improving efficiency with reduced errors and time-to-market.


We help businesses automate the testing of their software applications to improve efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, and deliver higher-quality products.

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