What Our Customers Say

Wow! You all are fantastic, I can’t believe your speed… Overall, I’m very happy with all of this work done.

Chris Roberts

Chief Technology Officer, Event Management Service Provider

This is a big milestone for us. For one thing, it opens a new vertical and potential new revenue stream. Thank you all for the job well done for the first successful step!


Henry Huang

SVP of Engineering, Contingent Workforce Solutions Provider

You guys are an excellent team and have been an essential part of ours. It’s been my great pleasure to work with you…

Chris Luebcke

UI Development Manager, Company specializing in Machine Learning Solutions

I’d like to congratulate everyone at InApp for the completion of our Wireless Warehouse project. This was a very difficult and demanding application that automated every aspect of warehouse management for our clients. The dedication and expertise we received from your team was exceptional. You have shown a great passion for technology and commitment to client projects. I’m very proud of our team work and look forward to continuing with the development of our next ERP system. Thank you!

Robert Catanese

Senior Project Manager, ERP Software Solutions Provider

Thanks from all of us at Skytree for the excellent work that you have done to ensure the quality. Your attention to detail, your thoroughness in the test automation coverage and your comprehensive daily QA reports have been excellent and have raised the quality bar significantly for the entire team. We sincerely appreciate the great work ethic and thank you for the significant contributions.

Sanjay Mehta

VP of Engineering, Company specializing in Machine Learning Solutions

Thanks for all of your good work and dedication in 2012. We delivered many valuable improvements to our customers and laid the foundation for continued acceleration as we enter 2013. I’m very proud of our team and look forward to working with you as we endeavor to build the most useful, usable, and scalable PPM/APM product on the market.

Cliff McBride

Senior Vice President, Work and Resource Management Solution Provider

Nice work! I hope you guys recognize how awesome you are for being able to work on all the different technologies and platforms. I really appreciate it. I’d like to congratulate each of you on what appears to be a very solid release. There has not been a single support case opened today due to the release, and I have only received positive feedback.

Randy Brous

CTO, Maintenance Management Software Provider

Post implementing QC automation tool, we have seen that the number of errors in the inspection reports for both satellite structures PSLV & GSLV has reduced drastically (even to nil), since all the reports are through QC automation system. This has helped us to accelerate the clearance procedure for the structures and with no queries to the work centers. I consider this as great appreciation for the QC automation project.

K S Narayanan

Group Director, Space Research Centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation