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Software Product Development

InApp’s software product development engineers deliver game-changing business solutions and software for our clients worldwide. From smart customization of pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom solutions, InApp offers end-to-end SaaS and software development services to help you develop high-quality products in a cost-efficient way.

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Product Ideation

We offer consulting and advisory services on software product ideation, prototyping, launch, market strategy, and product roadmap.


Product Architecture

Our software product design and architecture services cater to evolving business needs and target specific end users.

Product Design

InApp’s thoughtful user experience design process can manage user journeys, define user flows, and develop wireframes.


Product Development

Our end-to-end software product development processes use an agile and iterative approach for robust, scalable products with a faster time to market.

Product Testing

Thorough and streamlined testing incorporates automation frameworks to guarantee software quality and market success.

Product Deployment

Our delivery approach and continuous integration help our clients adapt to changing market conditions and user demands.

Product Support

Lean on us for sustained maintenance and support services to manage your application as needs and complexity evolve over time.

Component Delivery

We develop individual standalone modules, applications, specific functionality, or extra features to extend your product.

Project Salvation

Our team can rescue partially completed products with proven protocols in product analysis and project planning to get your software to the finish line.

Existing Product


Our software experts can reengineer your application to meet new business goals or user requirements.

Tech Upgrade

We can implement technology upgrades so your software can meet the latest market and business requirements.

New Functionality

Our team can incorporate new functionality and features to enhance your existing product and cater to evolving user requirements.

Bug Fixes

Our experts can improve your existing product by fixing bugs, eliminating glitches, and improving functionality for better performance overall.

Support & Maintenance

We keep your existing product in good shape by providing L1 to L3 support and maintenance services.

Technologies & Frameworks

Our core expertise in every major tech stack accelerates custom software development for faster development, exceptional quality, and cutting-edge innovation.

Our End to End Software Services

End-to-end IT services include software development, maintenance, and modernization using a methodical approach that keeps clients in the loop at every stage.

Rich and intuitive mobile solutions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and responsive web, as well as mobile integration for enterprise applications.

On-demand access to services and resources anytime, anywhere with cloud computing solutions that offer security, efficiency, and scalability.

Our meticulous testing services include test planning, functional and regression testing, reporting, and QA certification.

DevOps assessment, automation, and management services to empower clients with a delivery stream that facilitates continuous software deployment.

Immersive and realistic AR/VR solutions to open up possibilities in optimized training, captivating games and media, engaging AR/VR commerce, and more.

Providing cutting-edge technology services to diversifed verticals

With decades of education industry experience, InApp can seamlessly blend technology processes to solve challenges or bring innovative products to market.

InApp delivers custom solutions that ensure value and deliver return on investment to facilitate processes in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

InApp delivers end-to-end software development, quality assurance, and support solutions to ISVs ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups in all stages of funding.

Custom software from InApp enables manufacturers to leverage responsive manufacturing, industrial automation, efficient production planning, and remote asset management.

Turn retail or e-commerce projects into a sales-making machine with InApp’s solutions for a seamless customer experience across in- or near-store, web, or mobile channels.

Frequently asked questions

When does it make sense to choose custom application development services?

Custom software development makes sense when your business needs a specialized or unique approach that an off-the-shelf solution cannot provide, or cannot provide easily without major or expensive modifications.

What are the advantages of custom software?

Benefits of custom software include…

  • It can be designed based on your specific requirements 
  • You will own and control the licensing
  • It’s inherently flexible 
  • It’s more secure
How do you deal with communication issues?

InApp’s experience and communication skills are our strengths. We have a team well-experienced in cross-cultural communication

What does custom software application cost?

The cost of your software will depend on its complexity, integration requirements, and support needs. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide a detailed quote. Many of our current clients estimate they save up to 70% in development costs when compared to onshore services.

How can I be confident of the quality and reliability?

We provide full-cycle QA and testing as well as custom testing for individual components. We apply the appropriate type of testing for each stage of your software product lifecycle, including development, implementation, and maintenance.

Do you provide support services?

Our support experts can complement or supplement your internal web ops teams with monitoring, remediation, and management.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, we’re happy to do that.

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Frequently asked questions

Is sharing your software product idea with us safe?

Yes. We have an NDA policy to ensure the confidentiality of all business information for our clients.

Can we hire developers from InApp and manage them directly?

Yes, you can choose to manage InApp developers directly. Or, you can work with an InApp project manager, who will act as your single point of contact and manage all InApp employees.

Do you work on subcontracts?

Yes, we do. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide a detailed quote.

Do I maintain ownership of the code for my custom software?

InApp’s policy is that the source code shall be the sole property of the client. All rights, including the intellectual property rights, related patents, patent applications, copyrights, trademarks, and trade names to the product/application belong to the client. We also document this information in the initial agreement to prevent any confusion or miscommunication about the ownership of code and software.

Will I be getting regular updates from you?

Absolutely. InApp’s project management and communication skills are our strengths. Our teams are well-experienced in cross-cultural communication and comfortable working across multiple time zones.

What are the benefits of outsourcing software product development?

Some of the benefits of outsourcing software product development include:

● Lower development and operational costs

● An expanded talent pool of experienced developers

● Time zone advantages, including expanded operational hours

● Faster development timelines

● Expanded access to quality assurance services

● State-of-the-art technology solutions

● Diverse and global business perspectives

● Expertise in multiple platforms, as well as emerging technologies

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