Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

  • Object Recognition and Visual Libraries: Incorporating the latest computer vision APIs such as Amazon Recognition into building more extensible applications such as a Biometric based attendance system which uses facial recognition to identify individuals and a vehicle identification software which can recognize a vehicle and its owner by analyzing its physical image.
  • Voice to Text & Natural Language Processing: Building NLP applications which make use of latest services and tools such as Google CNL and Amazon Comprehend to derive meaningful insights on texts and voice inputs.
  • Regression and Prediction Models: Using neural networks and deep learning algorithm to record, intercept and predict from the provided information and optimize it for a better understanding.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

  • AR: Building user specific and interactive Augmented Reality applications by altering the real-time environment and objects with the help of computer-generated digital information.
  • VR: With the help of Virtual Reality we are working towards creating a more structured and interactive computer-simulated environment which can physically train and educate more effectively.


  • iWitness: A Blockchain based virtual notary app developed by InApp to enhance transparency in a large enterprise.
  • Making use of advanced and latest Blockchain frameworks such as Hyperledger Fabric for our business needs.

  • 10 Core Technology Teams
  • 250 + Graduate and Post Graduate Computer Scientists and Engineers
  • Clients ranging from Fortune 500 requiring mature processes to Startups requiring best of technology
  • Excellent Client Relationship: 10 +average client engagements.
  • Expert groups : for Project Management, Technology Selection and Advice, Process Management
  • Agile, iterative and incremental development; phased delivery
  • QA – well defined testing process in place. QA Process starts at the beginning of the project
  • Process driven approach