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Load Testing Services

Get expert help to ensure that your software can handle high traffic volumes. At InApp, we offer a range of load testing services that can simulate real-world traffic conditions and generate a detailed performance report to help you identify any potential bottlenecks in your system.

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Our industry-leading software testing team firm has been in business since 2000. Over the past two decades, we have served hundreds of customers around the world, including numerous Fortune 500 and Global 1000 firms and government agencies. 

Our Services

Our load testing services can be tailored to your specific needs, so whether you’re looking to test a new website or application, or you want to ensure your existing system can handle an increase in traffic, we can help.

Volume Testing

Get your software application tested to evaluate its behavior under an increasing volume of stored and processed data. This is done to check how the application is able to handle varying database volumes.

Scalability Testing

Get your software tested to determine its capability to scale up to support an increase in user load, number of transactions or data volume. This helps plan the capacity addition for the application.

Spike Testing

Get your software tested to see how it behaves during sudden change in load generated by users, transactions, or data volume. This helps identify the system’s ability to handle dramatic changes in load.

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