Senior Leadership

CEO & Co-Founder

Vijay Kumar is the CEO and one of the co-founders of InApp. He started his career with Castrol ….

Chairman & Co-Founder

Amarnath Raja is the Executive Chairman and co-founder of InApp. He is an alumnus of the…

Sr. Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Rakesh Puri is the Sr. Managing Partner at InApp Inc and he oversees the strategic direction…

CEO-InApp Japan

Hideto Morishita is the CEO of InApp Japan. He is a seasoned veteran with more than 32 years…

CTO - InApp India

Anil Saraswathy has over 28 years of experience in the field of electronics, computer hardware …

COO - InApp India

Jayakrishnan is the COO at InApp India. He mentors and oversees all activities of the Engineering…

InApp Executive Management

EVP, Global Growth

Jason Johnson joined InApp in 2020 to lead InApp’s Sales & Marketing team. He brings 30 years of…

VP, Technical - USA

Suraj Kumar is experienced in leading and managing onsite and offshore development teams…

VP, Technical - India

Suchithra R V has been with InApp for 17 years. She joined InApp as a trainee programmer…

AVP, Open Source Solutions

Jeena Peter has been part of InApp since its inception. She has a Master’s in Computer…

AVP, Quality Assurance

Rubina was hired as one of the first InApp’s employees. She joined as a programmer trainee…

Board Members & Advisors

Board Member

Sankar Krishnan is a former partner of McKinsey & Company, who led McKinsey’s healthcare practice,…

Board Member & Co-Founder

Satish Babu is a co-founder and former President of InApp. Satish has been an IT consultant…

Board Member & Partner

Krishna Kumar S. Nair is a board member of InApp. He has more than 30+ years of product…

Related Services

End-to-end IT services include software development, maintenance, and modernization using a methodical approach that keeps clients in the loop at every stage.

Rich and intuitive mobile solutions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and responsive web, as well as mobile integration for enterprise applications.

On-demand access to services and resources anytime, anywhere with cloud computing solutions that offer security, efficiency, and scalability.

Our meticulous testing services include test planning, funtional and regression, reporting, and QA certification.

DevOps assessment, automation, and management services to empower clients with a delivery stream that facilitates continuous software deployment.

Immersive and realistic AR/VR solutions to open up possibilities in optimized training, captivating games and media, engaging AR/VR commerce, and more.

Providing cutting-edge technology services to diversifed verticals

InApp’s front-end development experts have the expertise you need in coding, design, and debugging applications to ensure a seamless user experience.

InApp’s backend development engineers have the technical experience you need for high-quality applications, including databases, backend logic, APIs, and servers.

Our mobile app development engineers ensure your software works seamlessly across platforms on a range of mobile devices.

Discover how to use cloud technology for a wide range of services like on-demand storage, computing services, and application development platforms.

InApp’s CMS developers can help with organizing and facilitating documents and digital media, reducing the need for costly site maintenance and making content management easy.

Our emerging technology specialists provide deployment plans, adoption timelines, value assessment, and risk management strategies for the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

When does it make sense to choose custom application development services?

Custom software development makes sense when your business needs a specialized or unique approach that an off-the-shelf solution cannot provide, or cannot provide easily without major or expensive modifications.

What are the advantages of custom software?

Benefits of custom software include…

  • It can be designed based on your specific requirements 
  • You will own and control the licensing
  • It’s inherently flexible 
  • It’s more secure
How do you deal with communication issues?

InApp’s experience and communication skills are our strengths. We have a team well-experienced in cross-cultural communication

What does custom software application cost?

The cost of your software will depend on its complexity, integration requirements, and support needs. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide a detailed quote. Many of our current clients estimate they save up to 70% in development costs when compared to onshore services.

How can I be confident of the quality and reliability?

We provide full-cycle QA and testing as well as custom testing for individual components. We apply the appropriate type of testing for each stage of your software product lifecycle, including development, implementation, and maintenance.

Do you provide support services?

Our support experts can complement or supplement your internal web ops teams with monitoring, remediation, and management.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, we’re happy to do that.

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