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Get intuitive mobile solutions for native platforms like iOS and Android, and cross-platform solutions in Flutter, React, Native, Ionic, and more. From industry-specific solutions to consumer applications, InApp’s development team can build mobile apps that will expand your market reach, grab customer attention, and drive business growth and revenue.

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Over the past two decades, we have developed custom software solutions for a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises.

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We are a full-cycle mobile app development company with experience in developing native, hybrid, and cross-functional mobile applications for 200+ companies in competitive industries such as education, lifestyle, productivity, and entertainment.
  • 200+ Happy & Satisfied Customers
  • Pool of 350+ Designers & Developers
  • Full Cycle App Development Company
  • Expertise in Advanced Tech Stacks & Frameworks
  • Customer-First Approach
  • Scalable Teams & Resources

Mobile Application Development Services

Backed by a team of 100+ engineers, InApp offers mobile software solutions on iOS and Android platforms, as well as cross-platform applications leveraging the most advanced technologies including, but not limited to, Xamarin, Flutter, Swift, React Native, and PWA.
Hire our expert developers for custom iOS application development at competitive rates. With the knowledge gained from the plethora of iOS apps we have developed over the years, InApp can help businesses ranging from startups to enterprises develop feature-rich, interactive, secure, and scalable applications.
Our experienced teams develop feature-rich, stable, and secure Android mobile apps that harness the latest capabilities of mobile technology. We leverage the most advanced technologies to develop everything from customized Android applications to blockchain-based and AI-assisted apps.
Backed by an expert team of mobile application developers, we can help you integrate multiple IT solutions and databases to your mobile applications to meet your business goals.

Technologies and Frameworks

Our core expertise in every major tech stack accelerates mobile app development for faster deployment, exceptional quality, and cutting-edge innovation.





Mobile App Development Process

We are a full-cycle mobile app development company capable of handling the complete project lifecycle, starting with conceptualization and continuing through the entire planning, designing, testing, optimizing, deploying, and maintenance process.

Conceptualization & Design

InApp’s team of senior business analysts and software developers work with our customers to identify the product requirements upfront and to ensure those requirements will meet business and revenue goals. The team will also establish realistic requirements that are achievable within a specific timeline before developing a blueprint for development.


Our dedicated pool of 100+ mobile application developers work with advanced technologies, frameworks, and programming languages in a way that best suits your product requirements. After each stage of the development process, we have an internal review system in place to ensure customer requirements are met and design ideas are optimized.
InApp’s Testing and Quality Assurance Team uses rigorous protocols throughout the development lifecycle. Our dedicated team of software engineers conducts standard quality assessments at the end of the development phase, and then works with customers to resolve any bugs. Each team member focuses on delivering a stable and defect-free solution.

Operations & Deployment

InApp engineers prepare and deploy the completed and tested code in the appropriate production environment. The software undergoes further testing to ensure that everything is working well and end users are not experiencing any issues.

Maintenance & Updates

During the final stage of the project lifecycle, maintenance and updates provide improvements to the system, as well as incorporate new features and functionalities. InApp specialists will continue to optimize performance, produce firmware updates, and assist in hosting migrations.
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Expand Your Organization's Horizons with InApp Mobile App Development

Stand out from the competition by offering your customers the convenience of a mobile app and cultivating customer loyalty. Here at InApp, we specialize in creating mobile applications for various B2C, B2B, and B2E use cases.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Leverage the benefits of an enterprise mobile application to streamline workflows, increase employee productivity, enhance customer experience and loyalty, and stay ahead of market competitors.

  • IoT Mobile Applications
  • Database Management Applications
  • Applications for Tracking & Monitoring

Consumer Applications

Increase customer engagement and retention while driving business revenue with scalable consumer mobile applications. From apps for sports to productivity and entertainment to news, InApp’s team of engineers has the expertise to develop a dependable consumer application for your business.

  • Entertainment Apps
  • Sports Apps
  • E-Commerce Apps

Gaming Applications

With more than a decade of experience, InApp’s certified video game developers have leveraged popular gaming engines to create immersive mobile games for iOS and Android devices. Our team can build your video game project from scratch or revamp an existing solution. 

  • AR/VR Based Mobile Games
  • 2D & 3D Game Development
  • Multiplayer & Single Player Games

Financial Applications

InApp software engineers have exceptional financial software experience, including cryptocurrency and blockchain development. Trusted by companies around the world, we provide our clients in the financial industry with scalable and secure mobile apps designed for their unique requirements.

  • Banking Applications
  • Payment Applications
  • Custom Fintech Applications

Healthcare Applications

Mobile apps can spark new opportunities in healthcare by improving access, streamlining data collection, advancing patient care, and much more. From medical records to insurance to devices and equipment, InApp customers profit from the latest developments in healthcare technology.

  • Telemedicine Applications
  • Applications for Patient Management
  • Hospital Management Applications

Harness the power of emerging AI technology with InApp’s reliable and advanced solutions. Stay ahead of your competitors by using AI-powered mobile applications developed on modern frameworks.

  • AI-Powered Prediction Applications
  • AI-Powered Communication Applications
  • Speech & Text Recognition Applications
  • Applications for Image/Video Recognition
AR VR Solutions 2

InApp’s immersive and realistic AR/VR mobile apps can open up new possibilities for your business. Our software developers specialize in the latest AR/VR technologies for optimized training, captivating games and media, e-commerce, and much more.

  • AR & VR Powered Healthcare Applications
  • AR & VR Powered Applications for Real Estate
  • VR powered apps for the Architectural Engineering and Construction Industry

E-commerce Applications

Turn your retail or e-commerce projects into a sales-making machine with InApp’s mobile solutions. Use our expertise to create a seamless customer experience, increase revenue, cut costs, improve security, and streamline business processes.

  • Online Shopping Apps
  • Shopping Apps for Groceries
  • AI-Powered Ecommerce Applications

Providing cutting-edge technology services
to diversified verticals

Discover how cloud computing cuts across verticals in supporting scalable, secure, and multipurpose applications, whether it is storage, streaming, computing, or full-scale applications.
Whether it is desktop, web, mobile, or enterprise applications, there is something for everyone in the Microsoft universe. We help businesses harness this power for building their applications.
Our expertise in open-source technologies allows us to help businesses build cost-effective and scalable software solutions using popular programming languages like Java, PHP, and Python.

Hire our team of experts with extensive experience in JavaScript Frameworks. Our developers are well-versed in frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js, and Node.js and have a deep understanding of how to use these frameworks to build dynamic, scalable, and secure web applications.

Backed by a team of experienced engineers we help businesses create high-quality responsive mobile apps with multi-platform support.


Leverage our expertise in DevOps to help streamline and automate software development and delivery processes, thereby improving efficiency with reduced errors and time-to-market.


We help businesses automate the testing of their software applications to improve efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, and deliver higher-quality products.

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