Disruptive Technologies Transforming the Supply Chain Process

The supply chain process has undergone a major transformation in recent years. New age disruptive and emerging technologies have helped create cost-effective and highly efficient processes, that have brought about rapid growth for this segment. The industry is seeing great strides in the area of predictive modeling, that is enabling businesses to cater to new

IIoT – The Benefits & Challenges

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the single biggest technical innovation in recent times. It has slowly gained inroads into our lifestyle, making devices smarter, and communications faster. IIoT enables easy collection and communication of data, which helps companies to make informed decisions. The Wide Spectrum of IIoT Benefits IIoT offers a huge spectrum of

Driving Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Sector with AI and ML

Cutting-edge, disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are driving process automation changes that provide corporates with unparalleled abilities to make faster decisions, and drive timely outcomes and deliveries. Manufacturing is a segment that has been slow to change because of its long association with legacy systems and complex processes. What the

3 Major Challenges Associated with Blockchain

What started as a secure environment to handle cryptocurrencies and their associated transactions, the Blockchain technology has come a long way in finding its purpose through different areas of interest. Currently, there are hundreds of startup companies using blockchain technology for industries such as trade finance, healthcare, cloud storage, cybersecurity and many more. The distributed

How is Disruptive Technology Transforming Manufacturing?

Disruptive technology is driving massive changes in multiple verticals across the world, from finance to healthcare. Surprisingly, manufacturing is only recently harnessing the latest digital innovations for greater efficiency, opportunities and revenue. Digitization is no longer an option, manufactures who are looking to stay ahead of the game must embrace digital transformation in the era

IT Infrastructure Management using DevOps

With the emerging trends in technology, consumers using digital products always look for some upgrades or enhancements in their already existing features. And the companies are endowed with a greater responsibility to make sure that their products are capable of accommodating various new improvements as well as managing the stability of the application. For example,

Machine Learning using TensorFlow

The year 2017 has witnessed an explosion of Machine Learning (ML) application across many industries. Machine Learning is the field of study under artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It uses 3 types of algorithms for learning- Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. To know more you

A Brief Introduction to Machine Learning (Infographics)

The past two decades have witnessed the emergence of Machine Learning as one of the main stays of information technology. In ML, the computers 'learn' as it automatically identifies patterns in data, thus making accurate predictions. The critical thing in a machine learning process is to select the right algorithm suitable for various applications. Below

Containers and Virtual Machines – Similar yet Unique!

The emergence of virtualization started a new era of modern computing with improved system utilization, applications decoupling from the underlying hardware, and enhancing workload mobility & protection. Virtualization in its both forms, Container and VM’s allow multiple operating systems to run on a single physical machine. Even though containers expedite rapid, agile development, questions are

6 Goals of Cloud Migration

By now most organization whether big or small have a cloud migration strategy. The hype around the cloud is too difficult to ignore. But the goal in migrating to the cloud should be much more than just the cost saving or cost rationalization that happens with moving your infrastructure off-premise. There are a number of

4 Key Factors When Choosing Cloud Service Providers

For smaller firms, one of the biggest benefits of moving their operations to the cloud is that they can focus on the business at hand and let the cloud-based service handle such worrisome IT concerns as security, maintenance, backup and support. With an increasing number of companies offering an ever-growing menu of cloud computing solutions

Download E-Book : Cloud for SMB and Startups

Cloud for SMB and Startups eBook                   Cloud for SMB And Startups EBook – A step by step guide on introducing cloud to your environment, be you either an SMB or Startup. Download the E-Book Now    Click Here to Download

Cloud Testing: A Fundamental Step to Successful Cloud Transformation

Choosing to migrate to cloud differs from company to company. Many reasons include scalability, performance, upgrading infrastructure etc. However, the one constant involving cloud migration remains rigorous performance testing. Even though Cloud promises scalability, the reality is that applications cannot always scale up correctly, even when running on appropriate infrastructures. We have seen enterprises moving

Moving to the Cloud Using Micro-services : Webinar (Recorded Version)

Here’s a recorded version of our webinar: Moving to the Cloud Using Micro-services! Watch and share. Speaker Profile: Mr. Anil Saraswathy is the CTO of InApp Inc. He has over 28 years of experience in the field of computer software development. He has held leadership positions at Fischer International, HCL (Hindustan Computers Ltd), IESL (now India Satcom Ltd)

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery for Your Business

Enterprises worldwide including SME’s, Startups or Fortune 500 leverage technology to take their business to the next level. Most critical transactions or data transfer happen online, which are vulnerable to data hacks. Hence, it is always better to have a data protection and recovery plan, in the case of the occurrence of cloud-based disasters. Cloud-based

Moving an Educational Institute to Cloud (Case Study)

Here’s a case study about moving the operations of an educational institute to the cloud. Download your copy today and read all about it. Download

8 Reasons Why You Should Move To The Cloud Now!

Migrating your application to the cloud is not an amateur task. An expert has to take care of the environment and make sure your app runs smoothly in the cloud and is secure by all means. Still doubtful on whether to choose cloud, here are 7 reasons that should drive your move to the cloud:

Shifting Enterprise Applications to the Cloud

The Lift and Shift Model has been much appreciated in the cloud migration process for enterprise applications. It’s 10x cheaper than the traditional methods. While migrating to the cloud, there are some rules that need to be followed in the Lift and Shift model : Kill and Move ahead: When a server instance goes bezerk, and functions improperly

6 Steps to Ensure Security for Cloud Computing

Neglecting to ensure necessary security protection when using cloud services could ultimately result in higher costs & potential loss of business, thus eliminating the potential benefits of cloud computing. Here’s prescriptive series of steps for cloud customers to evaluate and manage the security of their use of cloud services, with the goal of mitigating risk

Cloud Computing disrupting the Life of CIO

To understand the impact of cloud computing on the life of CIO we have to rewind the clock to the time before the cloud. We can picture a marketing executive struggling with an email marketing tool. He goes cribbing to the IT admin guy. The admin refers the problem to the CIO. The CIO then

Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends This Year

Till a few years ago, cloud computing was just a technological fad with little practical value and more hype.  In recent years, cloud computing has altered the paradigm of how software are built, data is stored and how it is accessed. As IT continues to play a significant role in how companies operate, cloud-based platforms

Dealing with the Hardest Part of Cloud Migration: Talent Transformation

Operating in the cloud is a huge shift for most institutions. The transition is difficult, requiring a different mindset and a new set of skills. Likewise, the effort and investment required to transform talent is significant. One key to cloud adoption on the enterprise level is a talent transformation program that enables cloud fluency across your entire

Hybrid Cloud for Startups and Small Businesses

Cloud computing has a lot of hype around it. Most large organizations have some sort of plan to move to the cloud. These plans are in various stages for initiation to completion. But for startups and SMBs, this is not true. The difference is with the risk appetite of organizations. For a large organization, the

5 Financial Benefits of Cloud Computing

Most business leader we talk to on cloud computing is aware of the benefit of cloud computing in terms of providing them with Flexibility, scalability and financial gains. For business leaders, financial gains are probably the most important aspects of their decision in moving to the cloud. So let’s understand what exactly these financial benefits

6 Steps to ensure Cloud Security

A Comparison between Apache Hadoop and Spark

Most often in a conversation about big data, we hear a comparison between Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. Both are big data frameworks; however, not really serving the same purpose. Where Hadoop consists of whole components including data processing and distributed file system, Spark is a data processing tool that operates on distributed data collections.

Do’s and Don’ts when Migrating to the Cloud

From both a business and an IT perspective, migrating to the cloud is the right move for almost every organization. But it is not something you can do on a lazy Sunday afternoon: it takes thorough preparation and communication and, most importantly, a cloud migration needs to be closely connected to your business strategy. We

AWS vs MS Azure

Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure are the big boys of the cloud computing world, even though AWS is much bigger than Azure. How much bigger? Well, AWS’s server capacity is about 6 times larger than the next 12 competitors combined. The cloud-hosting industry operates on razor-thin margins, making the bulk of their profits from the

Cloud, CAPEX Vs OPEX and Other Financial Benefits

The cloud is the buzzword revolutionizing software and IT infrastructure world over. Companies globally are leveraging the cutting edge benefit of the cloud to get what works best for their IT network, software & Apps. Cloud instance cost is computed as OPEX and purchase of a unit of a server as CAPEX. Let me try

Top 44 Questions To Ask Through Your Cloud Journey

The entire process of Cloud migration may be split into 4 stages namely; Assessment, Planning, Migration & Validation. One might have a lot of questions or doubts about the Cloud or the migration journey. Here are the top 44 questions you should ask yourself in the Cloud Journey : Assessment Is cloud right for your application (Application Migration


About Speaker: Mr. Anil Saraswathy is the CTO of InApp Inc. He has over 28 years of experience in the field of computer software development. He has held leadership positions at Fischer International, HCL (Hindustan Computers Ltd), IESL (now India Satcom Ltd) and Verifone (now part of HP). He has done path breaking work in

The latest in AWS, CodeBuild

As an enthusiast of cloud and cloud-related technologies, I keep track of conferences and symposiums in this domain. AWS re: Invent is the biggest event in this regard by Amazon ( Amazon Web Services) The main event was held at Las Vegas from Nov 29 to Dec 2, 2016. The event is also educational as

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses & Startups

The cloud has become an integral part of the IT strategy of most large corporations, but for many small businesses & start-ups, it is still an unknown commodity. The benefits of cloud in terms of business agility, financial prudence, etc, are pertinent for Large corporate as well as start-ups and small businesses. But there are

7 Cloud Computing Security Concerns

Cloud computing security is probably the most important area of concern for most businesses who are evaluating a cloud computing strategy for themselves. “The Cloud” essentially provides the option of storing and processing data on a device which is externally located and may or may not be shared. The extent to which the processing &

Managed Vs Unmanaged Cloud – An Infograph

There are lots of numbers involved when migrating to the cloud. There needs to be an important choice to be taken between a managed cloud (where the vendor manages, patches and troubleshoots your cloud surrounding) or an unmanaged cloud (where your IT department has to do that on its own). Here’s an infographic focusing on the key differences.

SaaS Testing Using Cloud: An Emerging Discipline

Introduction More than a decade ago, the era when technology evolved to bring in virtualization in the mode of cloud computing, a funny reply came from the owner of an organization when one of his subordinates shared a thought on migrating their services to the cloud. The reply was, “I just don’t trust keeping our

Cloud App Development Using Microservices

Cloud-based Apps developed using Microservices architecture are a radical change from our present-day Monolithic, on-premise applications. These next-generation applications are providing the software with the robustness and agility it requires in today’s world. These applications are also much cheaper to develop and maintain. Though these applications are economical, they pack a punch! Am I sure


Ansible, Puppet, Chef, all are open source deployment management tools, used to manage competently large-scale server infrastructure, by enabling speed and ensuring reliability, with a very minimal input from developers and system admins, using different paths.

Migrating Your Talent To the Cloud

4 Key Factors While Choosing Cloud Service Providers

Remember These 6 Points Before Deploying Cloud Apps

AWS’s Latest Additions

Key Steps for Successful ERP Cloud Migration

The Path to Cloud – Infograph

Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends This Year (2016)

Gaming with Unity 3D

Unity is one of the best development platforms for creating multi platform 3D and 2D games. It is a game development ecosystem that allows you to create amazing games with very little effort. You can deploy it on multiple platforms such as the iOS, Android, Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and many other. Typically Unity 3D comes

Azure – A Global Enterprise Grade Cloud Platform

Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform created by Microsoft that is designed to run applications to be scaled out on the internet. Why cloud? Windows Azure takes an application centric view of cloud computing which means that it manages the entire life cycle of the application. From the initial design, development, and testing of

Cloud Testing – Nuts & Bolts

Need for Cloud Testing – Issues and Challenges Traditional testing has limitations like latency, performance, concurrency, planning issues and is way too expensive. Cloud testing is a big game changer and surpasses the challenges faced with traditional testing. It can be used to provide flexible, scalable and affordable testing environment at all times or on