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Start looking at your application as a set of interactions! Many complex applications can be broken down into a set of smaller services that can be run independently. This makes the concept of serverless quite important in today’s scenario. With small, stateless services, you can avoid running computational instances round the clock, thereby reducing the cost. Whether you are looking for AWS, GCP, or Azure, we have you covered. Our expertise in building serverless applications stems from years of experience building applications on AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions. Use our engineering expertise to reduce your bills!


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We’re proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in the business, and we’re always excited to celebrate our clients’ successes. Here’s a quick look at some of the amazing companies who have benefitted from our serverless technology services.

Our Services

We offer a variety of serverless technology services that can help you eliminate the need for traditional servers and save you time and money.

Function as a Service (FaaS)

Backed by our pool of experienced engineers, InApp can design platforms for developers to deploy and run their code in a serverless environment. This allows developers to focus on their code, without having to worry about server management or scalability issues. With FaaS, you can focus on writing code and let someone else worry about the infrastructure. And best of all, you only pay for the resources you use.

Backend as a Service (BaaS)

InApp offers Backend as a Service (BaaS), where we provide the backend infrastructure and services for your app or website. We take care of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your product. BaaS is a great solution for businesses that don’t have the resources or expertise to build and maintain their own backend infrastructure. If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective backend solution, contact us today.

Serverless Application Development

Our serverless application development services allow you to quickly build and deploy applications without having to worry about provisioning or managing servers. As a result, you can focus on your application code and not worry about infrastructure management. Contact us today to learn more.

Serverless CI/CD Deployment

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your CI/CD pipeline, our serverless deployment services are the perfect solution. We can help you automate the process of provisioning, configuring, and managing your serverless infrastructure, so you can focus on writing code and shipping features. Plus, our services are scalable and cost-effective, so you can easily scale your deployment as your needs change.

Serverless Migration

Our team has extensive experience in migrating applications to serverless technologies like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions. We can help you assess your application and architecture, identify any potential issues, and provide guidance on the best way to migrate your application to a serverless platform. If you’re interested in migrating to serverless technologies, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get started.

Serverless Consulting

Our serverless consulting services are designed to help you take advantage of this new paradigm shift in cloud computing. We can help you map out a serverless architecture that is right for your business and provide guidance on how to get the most out of this new technology. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level with serverless computing, contact us today to learn more about our serverless consulting services.

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Improve the capabilities given by your existing solutions by augmenting them with new features. Whether it is engineering or simply team augmentation, we have you covered.

User-facing applications form the driving force behind a business’s success. We provide multi-platform application development with expertise in Android, iOS, and browser-based development.

From ideation to deployment, we offer a full-cycle development process with seamless project management that is powered by our expertise in the likes of cloud development and DevOps.
Ensure the performance of your software against all necessary benchmarks with our service that covers both functional and regression testing. All of these come with a transparent view consisting of test plans and performance reports.
Get your business to the next level by leveraging our engineering expertise in technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, AR/VR, and Blockchain.

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