Construction & Facility Management

InApp delivers custom solutions that ensure value and deliver an exceptional return on investment to facilitate processes in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Our software experts help our clients invest in the best technologies to lead the market, increase revenue, cut costs, improve security, and streamline business processes.

Construction & Facility Management

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We have a proud history of serving a diverse range of businesses in the construction and facility management industry. Our clients range from small local contractors to large multinational organizations, and we have helped organizations across a variety of sectors, including commercial, residential, industrial, and government organizations.

Transforming Construction & Facility Management Operations
with Innovative Software Solutions

We offer cutting-edge software to the construction and facility management industry, aimed at improving operations and streamlining processes. By leveraging innovative solutions, we can help you reduce costs, minimize errors and delays, and achieve your goals in a more productive and profitable manner.

Project Management Software

Project Management Software

Get bespoke construction project management software designed specifically to streamline and optimize the complex processes of the AEC industry. Construction businesses have unique demands and challenges that require specialized solutions, including project management and organization, resource allocation, communication and collaboration, real-time information access, safety management, and more.

Our custom software development services cater to these specific needs and challenges by offering tailored software solutions that drive efficiency, manage budgets, track costs, and ultimately raise the performance of your organization.

Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software

Our custom construction management software development services provide businesses in the construction industry with tailored software solutions to help them manage their projects more efficiently.

Our goal is to provide construction businesses with the tools they need to improve their project management operations, increase their overall productivity and efficiency, and reduce the risk of project failure by providing a centralized system for managing tasks, resources, communication, and procurement. With our software development services, businesses will be able to easily manage their projects from start to finish, resulting in a more profitable and successful outcome.

Data Management & Integration

Data Management & Integration

Our data management and integration services for construction and facility management provide businesses with the ability to effectively manage, integrate and analyze large amounts of data. Our services are designed to help businesses streamline their operations, make data-driven decisions, and improve their overall performance.

We offer the following services:
Data management
Data integrations
Data migration
Data warehousing
Data Analytics

Chatbot and AI-based solutions

Our chatbot and AI-based offerings for construction and facility management organizations give these businesses the power to streamline their processes and enhance customer service through automation. Our diverse suite of solutions, including virtual assistants for building maintenance and project management chatbots, enables organizations to drive efficiency, cut costs, and ultimately raise their overall performance.

We offer the following services:

Natural language processing (NLP)

Machine learning (ML)

AI chatbots

Other AI technologies

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app development services for construction and facility management businesses enable our clients to manage their projects and facilities on the go. Our mobile apps are designed to help businesses streamline their operations, improve productivity and communication, and increase efficiency.

We can develop iOS and Android mobile applications that include features such as real-time progress tracking, resource management, task management, and communication tools. These capabilities allow construction and facility managers to stay on top of their project management tasks and resource allocation, wherever they are.

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