Independent Testing Services for a Software Service Company

Company Bio

Our client, a dynamic software company, specializes in providing software solutions for real estate developers, corporations, organizations, and institutions to design and build their facilities. As part of a larger consortium with vast expertise in architecture, construction, sustainability, and technology, they have developed a software platform tailored for contractors, architects, and engineers. This tool serves to streamline the construction estimation process, improving efficiency and precision.

At the core of their offerings is this pioneering platform, complemented by specialized Bid leveling software, reshaping the preconstruction landscape. By harnessing these technological advancements, users can swiftly and accurately generate project estimates, marking a pivotal shift in the industry’s approach.

Business Challenge

Our client maintained an in-house QA team and also had collaborated with an external company for QA services, specifically focusing on automation testing. However, dissatisfaction arose due to persistent issues—despite the external team’s completion of automation testing, notable bugs remained undetected even when test reports indicated a pass. Consequently, our client discontinued their engagement with this external service provider.

As the product expanded, the test coverage decreased. Additionally, our client’s internal QA team faced limitations in bandwidth, unable to sufficiently cover both manual and automation testing tasks. It was at this critical juncture that our team was engaged to augment and enhance their testing processes.


  • Refining Test Cases
  • Evaluating and Reproducing Existing Bugs for Resolution
  • Reviewing and Updating Test Cases based on Analyzed Bugs
  • Conducting Manual Testing
  • Executing Automation Testing via Ranorex Framework

Industries / Solutions

Technologies Employed


A dedicated team was deployed for the project. Upon initiation, an extensive onboarding process ensued, involving client demonstrations and learning resources. This facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the project and its nuances.

The team’s first phase involved updating test cases module by module. Each module underwent rigorous testing to identify and report any newly discovered issues. Simultaneously, existing open bugs were thoroughly retested. Cases that couldn’t be replicated were closed, while others were kept open for resolution by developers. Test cases were systematically updated for the identified bugs, and the revised cases were subjected to client review, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

This comprehensive approach resulted in an up-to-date test case repository and a clear, organized record of unresolved issues. The updated test cases enhanced the precision and effectiveness of the testing process.

Concurrently, an integration process began, onboarding each tester into the Automation team.
This holistic approach not only streamlined test case management but also enhanced collaboration, optimizing the testing and automation processes for the project.


Cultural Alignment and Personal Connection

By nurturing a sense of camaraderie and inclusion, the teams developed a deep understanding and alignment with the client’s organizational culture. This personal connection helped in fostering a shared vision, values, and objectives, leading to a more unified and motivated team.

Enhanced Communication

A shift towards flexible and open communication methodologies significantly boosted operational efficiency. The adoption of flexible communication timings and a culture of openness facilitated smoother information exchange and ensured that all team members were on the same page.

Improved Planning and Expectation Management

The implementation of goal setting for each quarter and regular progress reviews streamlined project planning and expectation management. The utilization of charts and graphs for visual representation aided in setting clear objectives, tracking progress, and making data-driven decisions.