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R&D Logic

Download Case Study Outsourcing Success for Life Sciences Financial and Planning Software Company Bio Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, R&D Logic, Inc. works to connect business and science to help each client perform at its best. The company’s cloud-based platform helps life sciences teams plan, monitor, analyze, and ultimately manage performance across

MPulse Software – Mobile App

Download Case Study Mobile App Development Project Blossoms into Long-Term Partnership Company Bio MPulse Software, Inc. is a leading provider of maintenance management software developed by experts in maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) and facility management. The company’s world-class solutions provide reliable scheduling, tracking, and reporting tools for equipment and facilities maintenance organizations. Over 3,500

Re-Engineering ERP Solution for an Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

A Comprehensive Cloud-based Suite of Sales and Operations Tool for a HVAC Solution Provider

DevOps Solution to Effectively Manage IT Infrastructure

Streamlining IT Infrastructure for an AI-based Startup

Enhancing the End-Customer Experience for a Cloud-based Portfolio Management Company

Independent Testing Services for a Leading Technology Service Consultancy

Mobile App Helps Improve Sales Productivity for a Renewable Energy Solutions Provider

Enriched Face Recognition and Verification System for a Leading IT Services Company

Innovating Healthcare Education through 3D Virtual Learning

Delivering Predictive Analytics for a Pharmaceutical Company

Improved Process Quality for Spacecraft Manufacturing

Transforming an Airline Cargo Management System and its Operations

Revamping a Helpdesk application based on ITIL best practices 1

Revamping a Helpdesk application based on ITIL best practices

Revamping a Helpdesk application based on ITIL best practices

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