Enhancing the End-Customer Experience for a Cloud-based Portfolio Management Company

About the Client

The client is a leading portfolio management company established in the year 2006 at San Francisco, California. Their signature product is a cloud-based Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. The application provides a wide range of services to effectively manage the Project Management Office (PMO) in an organization. Apart
from the various aspects of project management, the application also offers services such as Budget Tracking, Collaboration Tools, Resource Management, Gantt Charts, etc…

InApp’s Solution

During the initial stages of product testing, InApp manually developed the test cases for different functionalities within the application. The manual testing helped us identify numerous hidden defects at the very early stages of application enhancement. We recognized the integration issues at the very beginning and developed appropriate test cases to enhance the functionality. Once the performance issues of the application were duly identified and fixed, we gradually migrated to automation. Automating the test cases proved to be extremely efficient by reducing the time consumed and identifying different issues before deployment. Along with the Quality Assurance and Testing services, InApp also handled the major development activities for the client. The tasks included Enhancements, New Feature Addition and Bug Fixing. During the tenure of 8 years, with a collaborative team effort between different teams of InApp, we successfully implemented various complex features and enhancements to the application.

“I want to thank the team for all the hard work and dedication. We have accomplished some great
things in QA and Automation and I’d like to keep the momentum going. You have each shown not
only a deep knowledge of the product but a true dedication to making the product better
-Senior Director, Quality Management

“I wanted to say thank you for your excellent work! You have been doing a superb job streamlining
your efforts while continuing to keep a high standard. Your knowledge of the app and when/what
to test “around the issue” is impressive.
-Senior Vice President, Engineering and Project Management

Business Challenge

  • Continuous drop in user satisfaction
  • The core product faced integration issues during the initial stage.
  • The customer needed a long-term partner in testing their product and in enhancing the quality of the application.


Automation Testing

We followed a definitive procedure of automating each test cases carefully, with the help of Selenium that directly improved the performance in a shorter time span. The scripts for automation were written using JAVA.

Build Deployment

During the development phase of the project, our team used Jenkins server to automate the build file creation, enabling continuous integration. The Jenkins server helped us in utilizing Git as the version control repository to pool our developed resources together.


We used Leankit, a Kanban-based model as our primary means of collaboration with the client. Frequent Scrum calls and an ideal collaboration between InApp and the client still remains as one of the key factors for the success of this project.


  • Improved the end customer experience to a greater extent through regression testing.
  • Identified Integration issues at early stages of product development by designing effectual test cases.
  • Tackled more than 95% of the performance issues which greatly improved user satisfaction.
  • Timely launch of new updates and enhancements to the product.
  • High-quality automation testing services at a much lesser cost
  • Application fine-tuning and rigorous testing mechanism improved the performance of the application.
  • Effective collaboration with the client helped in identifying the requirements faster which indirectly improved the overall performance of the project.