Bijoy Krishnan M

AVP, Mobile & Multimedia

Areas of Expertise

  • Creating Concepts and Design prototypes
  • User experience analysis, Interaction design and GUI
  • Gaming and Entertainment applications
  • Account Management and Pre-sales
    Team building and Mentoring


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Applied Arts, University of Kerala

Bijoy Krishnan, one of the first employees of InApp, is a creative professional with an extensive experience in product design, web and mobile app development, usability & user experience, and project management & processes. He started as the Lead Designer of the UI and Multimedia team at InApp in 2000, and he has worked on many projects in various roles which span over various technologies, sizes, and platforms. He has built a strong, experienced team capable of developing and delivering high-quality products for mobile, desktop and the web with best-in-class user experience. He is always willing to take on challenges and explore new horizons in user experience that make the next generation of products such as Virtual and Augmented reality. He is the AVP at InApp heading the Smartphone, Games & Multimedia and the UI/UX departments.

He is passionate about taking challenges and exploring the new horizon

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