IoT Application Development

Accelerate business via smart internet-connected ecosystem.

We empower a smart infrastructure where an end-to-end software framework remotely controls all of its interconnected devices via the internet and is capable of managing & collecting data, providing actionable insights, and presenting an interactive visualization. InApp has been at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) and has delivered successful models that enabled a smart enterprise. 

Our Solutions

Event Management

Aiding event organizers in making intelligent decisions based on the real-time data collected from the event attendees, sponsors, caterers, technicians and so on, using IoT-powered tags, wearables & software.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of your business assets, resources and on-site heavy machinery through an interconnected ecosystem and a customized central application, at the convenience of your fingertips.

Data Analytics

Enabling effective use of data collected through IoT remote devices using smart algorithms and deriving actionable insights that can accelerate the overall business workflow and increase profits.

Smart Buildings

Control every aspect of your office infrastructure or home such as surveillance, room temperature, electrical appliances and energy management via an interactive app in your mobile.

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