25 Different Types and 7 Principles of Software Testing Services

25 Different Types and 7 Principles of Independent Software Testing

Independent software testing holds a critical role in the development process. The testing team should be completely separate from the product development team and the end-users, making them truly independent. Let’s learn more about the types and the principles of independent testing.

6 Reasons to go for Independent Software Testing

6 Reasons to go for Independent Software Testing

For software to work properly, it’s necessary to test it before releasing it to customers rigorously. One flaw can lead to the loss of customers, markets, and, in some cases, even lives.  The mindset required for testing software is different than developing it. Development teams work to make a product, whereas testing teams see how […]

QA Outsourcing is the best option for Test Automation

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QA outsourcing is generally considered a means to cut costs. We are not saying cost shouldn’t be a criterion for QA outsourcing. We want to actually introduce a completely new perspective to this discourse. This perspective is the one related to EXPERTISE. The concept of “expertise” is especially pertinent in the case of Test Automation. […]