10 Myths of Custom Software Product Development

10 Myths of Custom Software Product Development feature-img

Custom software product development can help businesses streamline their workflows and improve business operations. But without experience, some organizations might hear myths that perpetuate concerns about custom software—and miss out on the opportunities that it offers.

Make sure you have up-to-date information about custom software product development and offshore development—not just assumptions or perceptions. Let’s start by dispelling the 10 most common myths you’ll hear.

25 Different Types and 7 Principles of Software Testing Services

25 Different Types and 7 Principles of Independent Software Testing

Independent software testing holds a critical role in the development process. The testing team should be completely separate from the product development team and the end-users, making them truly independent. Let’s learn more about the types and the principles of independent testing.

Software Quality Control vs Software Quality Assurance (QC vs QA)

Difference between QA and QC This is one of the most frequently asked questions, with many different versions of the definition. What is Software Quality Control (SQC)? Software Quality Control (SQC) is the set of procedures used by an organization to ensure that a software product will meet its quality goals at the best value […]