What Is Edge Computing? What Are the Opportunities and Challenges in Edge Computing?

What Is Edge Computing? What Are the Opportunities and Challenges Involved?

Similar to the migration from on-premise servers to cloud computing, companies are investing in the next technological progression—edge computing. As the name suggests, edge computing brings the computational infrastructure closer to the data source (i.e., the edge of a network), where it enables faster and more reliable services, as well as improved flexibility. This network […]

Best Practises for Ensuring Internet of Things Security at the Application Level


In 2015, a group of security researchers hacked a Jeep, turned its windshield wipers and air conditioners on, and then stopped the functioning of the accelerator. Not only this, they said that they were capable of disabling the engine and the brakes. They could do it by infiltrating the vehicle’s network through manufacturer Chrysler’s in-vehicle […]

Industrial Internet of Things: IIoT Benefits & Challenges

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the single biggest technical innovation in recent times. It has slowly gained inroads into our lifestyle, making devices smarter, and communications faster. IIoT enables easy collection and communication of data, which helps companies to make informed decisions. Benefits of IIoT IIoT offers a huge spectrum of business functionalities […]