Everything about Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Artificial Intelligence is making businesses improve their products and customer experience based on predictive analytics tools. However, it’s a long and complex process. Not all organizations can venture into building the AI process in-house, requiring a huge investment. Here comes Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)! AIaaS let you use AI functionalities without developing in-house expertise. InApp’s concise and two-minute read infographic introduces AIaaS.

The Future and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service | AIaaS

Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service: its Future and Challenges Image

With the advent of cloud computing services, the application of Artificial Intelligence for various services has been democratizing for some time. Now companies of all sizes can have access to AI. Within a limited budget, AI is offering many opportunities to improve the business and people’s lives. It has all become possible with the emergence of a relatively new business niche: AIaaS, i.e., AI-as-a-Service, a third-party offering of AI outsourcing.