Infrastructure Management

Cut down IT costs and improve operational efficiency

IT Services are a core engine for the running of any organization today. Computer and network failures have resulted in serious business losses. IT operations have become all the more important due to the migration of applications to the cloud. With the intention of supporting our clients in this critical area, InApp has created a Systems Group and have started remote IT Operations offered to clients. Our group now has seven engineers and we are planning to expand it to over 50 Engineers in a few years time .


Software Product companies of today require a close coordination between developers and IT services. DevOps is an end-to-end service to support our client’s set up systems for continuous development, code review, compilation and deployment making it simple for deployment and version control.


Our cloud operation services team provide help to our clients in architecting and designing cloud infrastructure, configuring systems on the cloud and migrating applications and software products to the cloud environment.

 Systems Administration

The traditional system administration is still very much required in the cloud and other modern environments, especially with intrusion and hacking increasing. We provide state of the art services in setting up servers, emergency work, monitoring and managing of activities. Routine operations like backups/restore, speed checks, memory and disk monitoring etc are also done by us.

 Database Operations & ETL

This is a service that we feel most product companies will find very useful. The services we offer are the migration of data from one version to another or importing data of a new customer from their old product, cleaning up data that have accumulated over years, de-duplication of data and other support activities, transforming data structures to suit analytical tools and other small yet critical works can be easily handled by us.

Tools in our Ecosystem

Want to cut down IT costs and improve operational efficiency?