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Application Services is one of the core business solutions to our clients and it includes a comprehensive range of end-to-end IT service offerings such as Software Application Development, Application Integration, Application Maintenance, Application Modernization, and Data Analytics. The business focus is to deliver value-driven custom solutions that help our clients maximize their return on investment, enhance business productivity and reduce IT spending.

Application development is the process of managing the design, coding, testing and ongoing improvements and debugging of software. Our team follows 2 approaches in development – full life cycle and cooperative development.

Software maintenance is an integral part of a software life cycle. However, it has not received the same degree of attention that the other phases have. Historically, software development has had a much higher profile than software maintenance in most organizations.

Technology is evolving too fast for your business to be stuck with old tools, relics of a bygone era. Application modernization is the process of re-purposing or consolidating legacy software programming, to align it with the current business needs.

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Case Studies

Slide Re-Engineering ERP Solution for an Aerospace Parts Manufacturer Using an outdated ERP solution can be challenging for an enterprise. Learn how
InApp transitioned an old ERP system for an aerospace parts manufacturer into
a comprehensive ERP solution with major updates and enhancements.
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Slide A Comprehensive Process Management Solution for a Workspace
Technology Providers
Learn how InApp helped transition a workspace technology provider and improve
their business practices by developing an end-to-end work management application.
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