Software Product Development

Accelerate software product development and time to market

Providing accelerated product development since 2000, InApp is proud to deliver game-changing business solutions and software products for clients worldwide. International ISVs and SaaS providers have relied on InApp for best-in-class Product Engineering.  From startups to small-to-medium businesses across various verticals, we tailor our services to customer requirements. Our flexible engagement models provide the right mix of offshore and onsite balance to optimize costs. With over 250 experienced software professionals and diverse domain expertise, InApp can serve your software product requirements.

Our Services

New Product

Product Ideation

Consulting and advisory services on software product ideation, prototyping, launch, go to market strategy and product roadmap.

Product Architecture

Designing and architecting the product to cater to evolving business needs and target specific customers needs to win over users.

Product Design

Engage and delight end users with our thoughtful user experience design that prepares user journeys, defines user flows and creates wireframe.

Product Development

End-to-end product development with an agile and iterative approach for robust, scalable products with a faster time to market.

Product Testing

Thorough and streamlined testing that incorporates automation frameworks to guarantee software quality and market success.

Product Deployment

Our delivery approach and continuous integration help clients adapt to changing market conditions and user demands.

Product Support

Lean on us for sustained maintenance and support services to manage your application as its complexity evolves over time.

Component Delivery

Development of individual standalone modules, applications, specific functionality or extra features to extend your product.

Project Salvation

Rescue of partially completed products that lack documentation. We analyze the product, create a plan for completion and get your software to the finish line.

Existing Product


Reengineering your software product so that it can meet your new business goals or user requirements.

Tech Upgrade

Giving your product a step up through a technology upgrade so it meets the latest market and technology requirements.

New Functionality

Incorporating new functionality and features to enhance your existing product and cater to new requirements to keep users satisfied.

Bug Fixes

Improving your existing product by fixing bugs and eliminating glitches and flaws in functionality for better performance overall.

Support & Maintenance

We keep your existing product in good shape by providing L1 to L3 support and maintenance services.

Case Studies

Slide Streamlining the sales and operations process could be a tricky task while
dealing with different types of customers.Learn how InApp improved the sales
and operations for one of our clients by constructing a comprehensive suite
for sales and operations.
Download Case Study A Comprehensive Cloud-based Suite of Sales and Operations Tool
for a HVAC Solutions Provider

World-class software product solutions that keep you ahead of the game.