Drive business transformation and efficiency with our manufacturing solutions

Technologically-driven innovation drives business transformation and this is true across multiple verticals. Our custom digital transformation solutions for manufacturing empower clients worldwide to stay competitive and overcome industry challenges. They help streamline processes for greater operational efficiency, optimizing the entire value chain. With 15 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, InApp is a technology partner for the long haul and we deliver solutions that help you make intelligent data-driven decisions with clear visibility. We harness the power of the latest disruptive technology such as AI for automation and prediction, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) for better operations, big data, AR (Augmented Reality) and more. We take pride in helping our clients accelerate growth while minimizing cost.

Our Solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions

We enhance the scalability and accessibility of applications through cloud migration and Implementation of applications.

Mobile Solutions

Easy-to-use mobile applications drive greater productivity and operational efficiency.

Business Analytics

Intelligent reports and actionable insights that make the most of big data fuel data-driven decision-making.

Supply Chain Solutions

Optimize management of inventory with our custom supply chain solutions that drive lean operations.


Bespoke ERP solutions are tailored to customer requirements and harness the power of IIoT if needed.


Improve the management of leads and prospects as well as customer service with our best-in-class CRM solutions.


Drive greater efficiency and integration with business processes through a custom Product Lifecycle Management solution.

Financial Accounting Solutions

Clear visibility drives better operations and savings thanks to our financial accounting solutions.

Augmented Reality

Improve training and performance with our AR solutions that provide an immersive, realistic experience.

Case Studies

Slide Improved Process Quality for Spacecraft Manufacturing Learn how InApp improved the process quality for a spacecraft manufacturer by
developing a QC automation tool and enhancing the monitoring mechanism in the
Download Case Study
Slide Re-Engineering ERP Solution for an Aerospace Parts Manufacturer Using an outdated ERP solution can be challenging for an enterprise. Learn how
InApp transitioned an old ERP system for an aerospace parts manufacturer into
a comprehensive ERP solution with major updates and enhancements.
Download Case Study

A bespoke manufacturing solution that drives greater efficiency giving you a competitive edge.