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Data-centric enterprise solutions to drive business growth

In addition to faster and better decision making, Data-centric Solutions help businesses in identifying new opportunities by unearthing the hidden correlations and patterns from the mountains of data generated every day in the real world. This results in optimized efficiency of operations, reduction in costs, and enhanced profits with happier customers. Infused with Artificial Intelligence and other advanced analytics tools, and fueled by our experienced and talented team, our Big Data Solutions help in bringing out new products and services by uncovering insights, strategizing plans, and responding to customer demands in real-time. We help deliver what is next in business through our advanced Data-centric solutions and approach.

Our Solutions

Data Pre-processing

Data Pre-processing is one of the most essential element of building analytics driven business solutions. It involves data cleansing, integration, transformation, reduction and discretization to convert real world raw data into a more uniform, consistent and accurate final datasets. The importance of the Data Pre-processing can be gauged from the fact that 60% of time in a Machine Learning project is spent on Data Pre-processing.

Data Transformation

One of the important elements of data and application integration is data transformation. It is the process of manipulating the data and modifying data between multiple data sources before creating the data model. Using streaming architectures with Kafka to transform data between multiple data sources like MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, building listeners for databases to detect changes, and shipping them out to other systems, are some of the sub services we offer.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization helps draw insights from the data. To tell compelling stories from the data we use custom data visualization components, interactive graphic elements and even create components from COTs such as Tabelu and Pentaho. Using the best data modeling and mapping techniques we capture, process the data and present them across devices and platforms.

Data Analytics

By drawing conclusions about the pre-processed and transformed data, Data Analytics techniques uncover trends and patterns which would otherwise be lost in massive data. These trends are then used for driving business strategies and for the overall efficiency enhancement of business processes. By looking at the data generated in the past, data analytics help in making predictive models and scenario-planning for the businesses.

Predictive Analytics

To predict future outcomes and uncover potential risks and opportunities for our customers, we implement custom solutions that uses statistical analysis, deep learning algorithms, predictive models and data mining. Often these solutions are a combination of cloud based models and predictive techniques which makes predictive analytics readily accessible to businesses.

Case Studies

Slide The following case study details the project that helped deliver a predictive analytics
solution for a leading pharmaceutical company in the USA by connecting all the
disparate systems through GoodData.
Download Case Study Delivering Predictive Analytics for a Pharmaceutical Company

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