Bringing in transformative changes to the construction industry for more than a decade

Disruptive technologies are gradually accelerating data-driven businesses such as Real Estate and Construction around the globe. Our proven expertise in revolutionalizing the construction industry by adopting smart technologies has gone a long way in streamlining every step of the project lifecycle. Over 2 decades, our innovative solutions have optimized the construction businesses and aided in accelerating areas such as ERP, job procurement, onsite operations and resource management.

Our Solutions

Building Information Modelling BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Incorporating digital representation (3D) of a building/site into a collaborative cloud application to facilitate an accurate understanding of the project.

Big Data

Big Data

Optimize your business management by analysing real-time market trends, customer engagements and relevant data to keep track of the cost estimates.

AI and Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Deriving meaningful insights using the construction data to predict cost overruns and mitigate risks throughout the entire project life cycle.



Real-time monitoring of on-site vehicles, heavy machinery and workforce using smart devices that are interconnected with each other and communicates with a centralized module via the internet.



Delivering accurate, error-free 3D modelling of a construction project to predetermine any design co-ordination errors and ideally visualize the building before its completion. 

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Identifying potential safety hazards, under-utilized machinery and possible intruders in a secure construction site via smart Neural Network algorithms.

Drone Softwares

Drone Softwares

Generating a 3D map of construction sites to identify crucial points via aerial live calculations and generating instant actionable reports on a mobile device. 

Focussed Areas

Planning and Design

Planning & Design

Leveraging cutting edge technologies to promote smart planning & design, right from the initial stages of a construction project that aids in determining and managing accurate material, labor and equipment costs based on any geographical location with ease.



Efficient job order contracting, mobile access to contract & bidding documents, centralised approach to manage a lean supply chain system and automated electronic approvals can go a long way in simplifying the procurement process in a modern construction project.

on site operations

On-Site Operations

Enabling disruptive technologies to deliver a collaborative ecosystem where data transactions happen seamlessly in remote construction sites, including services such as project financials, labor management and on-premises materials tracking; all at the convenience of a mobile device.


ERP Solutions

Empowering contractors by combining smart technologies and our industry experience into developing an all-in-one cloud-based enterprise software that handles all aspects of a project such as accounting, inventory control, marketing, resource management, data analytics and reports. 

Aiding in every phase of a construction life cycle through disruptive technologies.