How Chaos Testing Improves Your Software’s Resiliency

How Chaos Testing Improves Your Software's Resiliency

You want your software to tolerate failure, while also providing appropriate quality of service level. But in today’s complex and distributed software systems, more than one thing can fail at the same time. To truly understand how a software application will work for users in real-world scenarios, you need to find out what happens when […]

25 Different Types and 7 Principles of Independent Software Testing

25 Different Types and 7 Principles of Independent Software Testing

Independent software testing holds a critical role in the development process. The testing team should be completely separate from the product development team and the end-users, making them truly independent. Let’s learn more about the types and the principles of independent testing.

Why Scriptless Test Automation Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Why Scriptless Test Automation Shouldn't Be Ignored feature image

Since early 2020, the world’s technology landscape has witnessed a great deal of churn due to Covid-19. One byproduct is the acceleration of digital transformation in many industries. People are increasingly looking at technology to solve problems, and independent software testing organizations have felt the need to improve QA processes. Scriptless test automation was named one […]

Simulators, Emulators, or Real Devices: Which is the Best for Mobile Testing?

Simulators, Emulators, or Real Devices: Which is the Best for Mobile Testing? Feature Image

Software testing to find bugs is an integral part of the overall software development process. You make sure users will not have problems like navigation hiccups, breaks in payment processing, or issues with signup forms through software testing. Independent software testing teams will build cross-browser testing or browser compatibility testing strategies. But you need to decide on the testing environment […]

6 Reasons to go for Independent Software Testing

6 Reasons to go for Independent Software Testing

For software to work properly, it’s necessary to test it before releasing it to customers rigorously. One flaw can lead to the loss of customers, markets, and, in some cases, even lives.  The mindset required for testing software is different than developing it. Development teams work to make a product, whereas testing teams see how […]

Everything You Need to Know About Independent Software Testing Infographics

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To prevent unexpected problems during the real-world use of any software, it is of utmost importance to test them carefully using appropriate software testing types. In the software industry, independent software testing and quality assurance are of critical significance. The software testing life cycle for an application depends on the application and type. An application […]

Everything you need to know about Software Testing

Everything to Know about Software Testing

What is Software Testing? In all industries, whenever a new product is developed, it has to be tested for all its features to check whether the product meets all the predefined criteria before being launched among end-users. It’s more so in the IT industry, where applications are tested for their features and functions to give […]

Web Application Security Issues and Solutions

Web Application Security – A Need & Responsibility

Today’s internet is all about web apps and the advancement of web applications and other technologies that change the way we do business. Applications with valuable data make it a high-priority target for a security breach. The types of data that are often stolen include valuable information like core business data, customer identification, access controls, […]

QA Outsourcing is the best option for Test Automation

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QA outsourcing is generally considered a means to cut costs. We are not saying cost shouldn’t be a criterion for QA outsourcing. We want to actually introduce a completely new perspective to this discourse. This perspective is the one related to EXPERTISE. The concept of “expertise” is especially pertinent in the case of Test Automation. […]

Solving ​​the Mobile ​Testing Conundrum

Solving ​​the Mobile ​Testing Conundrum

A global overview revealed that more than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile devices and by 2018, more than 50 percent of users will go to a tablet or smartphone first for all online activities. So, it is not surprising that today’s software development is based on a mobile-first, even if […]