The Role of Procurement in Setting Up Smart Manufacturing Facilities

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the way the manufacturing sector operates. It includes disruptive manufacturing technologies that support automation and drive seamless data exchange. It encompasses technology such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence. With Industry 4.0, digital tools are empowering manufacturing to move to the next level of efficiency. The […]

Why is Technology Important to Maximize Supply Chain Efficiency

Growth in Internet retail has contributed to a massive rise in delivery volumes. In 2016, Internet retail amounted to US$1.86 Trillion. By 2021, it is expected to reach $4.48 Trillion. In addition to this surge in demand, increased customer expectations have brought about a major shift in the way brands approach customer service and deliveries. […]

3 Key Disruptive Technologies Impacting Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is undergoing a huge transformation in the last few years, compared to the past decade, thanks to the implementation of disruptive technologies. Manufacturers are leveraging disruptive technologies to improve their business processes and operations, and in turn, drive growth.  An IOT Analytics report (2018) states, “The market for Industry 4.0 products and […]

4 Challenges of Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing leverages disruptive technologies such as IIoT, cloud computing, and AI to name just a few. The convergence of these technologies serves to connect people, processes and systems, to drive seamless operations and improve quality and efficiency. Real-time visibility means information is available at the right time for better decision making. In this ecosystem, […]

Cloud Computing Services for Modern Manufacturing

Globally, many manufacturing companies are expanding to new horizons and diversifying their operations, thanks to the advent of the Industry 4.0 revolution. Rapid transformation is taking place in the technology forefront, and cloud computing plays a pivotal role in bringing about this change. According to Gartner, “Cloud computing is a style of computing in which […]

5 More Smart Manufacturing Trends for 2019


Manufacturing companies across the globe are embracing the Industry 4.0 revolution with the implementation of disruptive technologies. Smart manufacturing leverages one or a combination of such technologies to support existing practices on the shop floor and drive the adoption of new automated industry practices. In a previous blog, we looked at five disruptive smart manufacturing […]

5 Smart Manufacturing Trends for 2019

5 Smart Manufacturing Trends for 2019

Smart manufacturing is a conglomeration of disruptive technologies that enable easy connectivity and automation across all processes involved in the industry’s ecosystem. As manufacturers across the globe are slowly transitioning, we thought it would be the right time to see what’s trending, and how the technologies will make an impact on growth, operations, and revenue. […]

IIoT – The Benefits & Challenges

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the single biggest technical innovation in recent times. It has slowly gained inroads into our lifestyle, making devices smarter, and communications faster. IIoT enables easy collection and communication of data, which helps companies to make informed decisions. The Wide Spectrum of IIoT Benefits IIoT offers a huge spectrum of […]

Driving Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Sector with AI and ML

Cutting-edge, disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are driving process automation changes that provide corporates with unparalleled abilities to make faster decisions, and drive timely outcomes and deliveries. Manufacturing is a segment that has been slow to change because of its long association with legacy systems and complex processes. What the […]

How is Disruptive Technology Transforming Manufacturing?

Disruptive technology is driving massive changes in multiple verticals across the world, from finance to healthcare. Surprisingly, manufacturing is only recently harnessing the latest digital innovations for greater efficiency, opportunities and revenue. Digitization is no longer an option, manufacturers who are looking to stay ahead of the game must embrace digital transformation in the era […]