Comparing AWS Framework: Serverless vs Amplify

Comparing AWS Framework: Serverless better than Amplify

One of the most important and growing platforms is AWS (Amazon Web Services) when it comes to serverless technology.  There is a variety of open source and third-party frameworks that simplify serverless application development and deployment. My journey in the serverless computing space started with the search for a perfect framework that supports JavaScript and […]

Big Data Solution Pipelines using Open Source Technologies and Public Cloud

Big Data Pipelines using Open Source Technologies and Public Cloud

Data pipelines are a crucial component of any big data solution. These are software that handles data streaming and batch processing, whereby data undergoes various transformations along the way. This blog describes various big data streaming/batch processing options available with private clusters leveraging open source technologies and serverless public cloud infrastructures like AWS. Option 1: […]

Serverless Computing: A Paradigm Shift in Infrastructure Management

Serverless computing A Paradigm Shift in Infrastructure Management

Serverless computing is no longer a buzz term in the field of Information Technology following the gradual migration of industries and even startups towards the idea of dynamic resource management. Companies typically invest a good portion of their budget & manpower towards maintaining and upgrading servers that host different functionalities of an application. In fact […]

Why is Cloud Computing Services Important for Small Businesses?

why is cloud computing important for small businesses

The cloud has become an integral part of the IT strategy of most large corporations, but for many small businesses & start-ups, it is still an unknown commodity. The benefits of cloud computing services in terms of business agility, financial prudence, etc, are pertinent for large corporations as well as start-ups and small businesses. But […]

Cloud Computing Services for Modern Manufacturing

Globally, many manufacturing companies are expanding to new horizons and diversifying their operations, thanks to the advent of the Industry 4.0 revolution. Rapid transformation is taking place in the technology forefront, and cloud computing plays a pivotal role in bringing about this change. According to Gartner, “Cloud computing is a style of computing in which […]

5 Smart Manufacturing Trends for 2019

5 Smart Manufacturing Trends for 2019

Smart manufacturing is a conglomeration of disruptive technologies that enable easy connectivity and automation across all processes involved in the industry’s ecosystem. As manufacturers across the globe are slowly transitioning, we thought it would be the right time to see what’s trending, and how the technologies will make an impact on growth, operations, and revenue. […]

Containers and Virtual Machines – Similar yet Unique!

Containers and Virtual Machines – Similar yet Unique!

The emergence of virtualization started a new era of modern computing with improved system utilization, applications decoupling from the underlying hardware, and enhancing workload mobility & protection. Virtualization in its both forms, Container and VM’s allow multiple operating systems to run on a single physical machine. Even though containers expedite rapid, agile development, questions are […]

6 Goals of Cloud Migration

6 Goals of Cloud Migration

By now most organizations whether big or small have a cloud migration strategy. The hype around cloud computing services is too difficult to ignore. But the goal in migrating to the cloud should be much more than just the cost-saving or cost rationalization that happens with moving your infrastructure off-premise. Download E-Book: Cloud for SMB […]

4 Key Factors When Choosing Cloud Service Providers


For smaller firms, one of the biggest benefits of moving their operations to the cloud is that they can focus on the business at hand and let the cloud-based service handle such worrisome IT concerns as security, maintenance, backup, and support. With an increasing number of companies offering an ever-growing menu of cloud computing solutions […]

Download E-Book : Cloud for SMB and Startups

Cloud for SMB and Startups eBook

Cloud for SMB and Startups eBook                   Cloud for SMB And Startups EBook – A step by step guide on introducing cloud to your environment, be you either an SMB or Startup. Download the E-Book Now    Click Here to Download

Cloud Testing: A Fundamental Step to Successful Cloud Transformation

Choosing to migrate to cloud differs from company to company. Many reasons include scalability, performance, upgrading infrastructure etc. However, the one constant involving cloud migration remains rigorous performance testing. Even though Cloud promises scalability, the reality is that applications cannot always scale up correctly, even when running on appropriate infrastructures. We have seen enterprises moving […]

Webinar on Moving to the Cloud Using Micro-services (Recorded Version)


Here’s a recorded version of our webinar: Moving to the Cloud Using Micro-services! Watch and share. Speaker Profile: Mr. Anil Saraswathy is the CTO of InApp India. He has over 28 years of experience in the field of computer software development. He has held leadership positions at Fischer International, HCL (Hindustan Computers Ltd), IESL (now India Satcom […]