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The Hyperledger Project

The Hyperledger Project is a collaborative project initiated under the aegis of the Linux Foundation in 2015 to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. Contributors to the project include some of the top names in different sectors including aeronautics, fintech, healthcare, payment processing, manufacturing and IT. Different components of the Project including Fabric, Sawtooth Lake, Iroha, Indy and Burrow.

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is an open source blockchain platform best suited for enterprise-level applications. Fabric, initially a project from IBM, is a  permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology, that is highly scalable and secure. It supports private channels, pluggable consensus engines, and provides an innovative “Execute-Order-Commit” cycle that is different from conventional blockchains.

Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is a Blockchain framework based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that offers a secure and immutable storage solution. Sawtooth helps the developers to create an externally facing web client that can also interact with the Blockchain and a transaction processor that executes custom chaincode. At InApp, we have developed two applications which use the Sawtooth framework to store and retrieve data from the Blockchain. Sawtooth also includes SDKs for Python, Go, Javascript, Rust, Java, and C++

Slide iWitness Blockchain-based Virtual Notary to Enhance Transparency in Enterprise iWitness an enterprise virtual system is InApp’s first product on the Blockchain platform.
Operating as an Android app, iWitness allows users in an Enterprise ecosystem to
store any kind of information artifact such as images, documents, videos, audio recordings,
together with metadata such as name, description, hashtags, location and multiple timestamps.
The “digital fingerprint” of the artifact, together with the metadata is stored on the blockchain,
while the artifact itself is stored off-chain. Once stored this way, the data is immutable, and any
unauthorized changes (external intrusion or internal misuse) in the off-chain data is detected
by the system, thus providing an immutable and un-tamperable storage.
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iTracker Blockchain-based Collaborative Document Management System iTracker is a Blockchain-based secure, collaborative change management software
developed by InApp, that permits tracking of multiple changes made to a document
by different collaborators in an organization. iTracker uses Hyperledger Sawtooth
framework which allows the developers to design blockchain-based applications
in the form of two programs: a "web client" that interfaces with the external entities
as well as the Sawtooth blockchain, and a"‘transaction processor" that runs behind
the blockchain executing custom chaincode. The Blockchain is used to store and retrieve
all the intermediate versions of the edited document which is presented to the owner
in the form of an interactive dashboard for comparison.
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iVault Blockchain-based Secure Storage for Digital Assets iVault is an email-based Blockchain application developed by InApp that offers stable and
secure storage for its users.The digital asset to be stored can be sent directly as an email
attachment, instead of the usual process of registering and then uploading all the files.
The Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) triggers a custom shell script which is capable of storing
the entire email header along with the attachment to the Blockchain network for
tamperproof retrieval later. The digital asset is securely stored in the Blockchain and
can only be accessed through a secure URL by the owner.
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Blockchain is the latest in backend technology that is taking industries by storm.
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InApp President & blockchain advocate, Satish Babu speaks about Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies at the India School on Internet Governance (inSIG) 2017.

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