Application Modernization

Give new life to legacy software and keep up with technological evolution

Technology is evolving too fast for your business to be stuck with old tools, relics of a bygone era. InApp helps our customers maximize the value of their software applications, breathing new life into them through our modernization services. Modernization cuts costs by re-purposing legacy applications instead of completely replacing them with new software. We offer a one stop shop for all the application modernization requirements.


Upgrading the hosting for a legacy software including multi-tenancy options improves performance and availability.


Drive value and customer satisfaction through integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to the business.


Re-purposing legacy software that includes re-coding, re-architecting, re-engineering solutions to align with current business needs.


Keep pace with industry trends through migration of a legacy application and its data or databases to a new application or platform.

Project Approach

Maximize the value of legacy software by application modernization.