Day 1 - July 2nd

Session1: Enterpreneurship during COVID TIME: 10:00 AM (Indian Standard Time)
SE Intern, Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G team, San Diego,
CSI InApp Awards 2019 Winner

Session 2: Tracing my career from Trivandum to San Francisco TIME: 11:00 AM (Indian Standard Time)

Analyst, Global Restaurant Growth Analytics, Uber San Francisco,
CSI InApp Awards 2016 Winner

Day 2 - July 3rd

Session3: Controlling Bionics TIME: 05:00 PM (Indian Standard Time)
CEO of Codeofduty Innovations, Intel Innovator
Session4: Introduction to BioMedical Engineering TIME: 06:00 PM (Indian Standard Time)
Scientist, Biomedical Technology Wing, SCTIMST, Govt of India
Day 3 – July 4th

An online panel discussion focused on understanding the latest trends in education and how we need to change as a society to accommodate this. The panel includes eminent folks from the industry and academia.
Topic: Reimagining Education from First Principles
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