Text Analysis and ElasticSearch NLP

Natural Language Processing using ElasticSearch

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has evolved greatly over recent years and it’s being widely used to understand and analyze human communication. Combined with Deep Learning, technology can categorize a user’s interest based on their language. For instance, when a foreign user updates a post in their native language, Facebook presents it with a “Translate” option […]

3 Business Benefits from Text Mining using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

3 Business Benefits from Text Mining using NLP Feature Image

In the recent era of digital technologies, Text is the most popular means of communication between a given set of individuals. Whether it is a social media post, an email, or a text message, it has always been easier to express our thoughts in the form of texts. By accumulating billions and billions of data, there arose a possibility to harness that text-based information and analyze it for different business benefits.