6 Goals of Cloud Migration

6 Goals of Cloud Migration

By now most organizations whether big or small have a cloud migration strategy. The hype around cloud computing services is too difficult to ignore. But the goal in migrating to the cloud should be much more than just the cost-saving or cost rationalization that happens with moving your infrastructure off-premise. There are a number of […]

8 Reasons Why You Should Move To The Cloud Now!

8 Reasons Why You Should Move To The Cloud Now

Migrating your application to the cloud is not an amateur task. An expert has to take care of the environment and make sure your app runs smoothly in the cloud and is secure by all means. Still doubtful on whether to choose cloud? Here are 8 reasons why you should move to the cloud: 1. […]

The Hardest Part of Cloud Migration: Migrating your Talent to the Cloud

Dealing with the Hardest Part of Cloud Migration : Talent Transformation

Operating in the cloud is a huge shift for most institutions. The transition is difficult, requiring a different mindset and a new set of skills. Likewise, the effort and investment required to transform talent are significant. One key to cloud adoption on the enterprise level is a talent transformation program that enables cloud fluency across your […]

Do’s and Don’ts when Migrating to the Cloud


From both a business and an IT perspective, migrating to the cloud is the right move for almost every organization. But it is not something you can do on a lazy Sunday afternoon: it takes thorough preparation and communication and, most importantly, a cloud migration needs to be closely connected to your business strategy. We […]