Independent Testing

Helping companies make software better, more reliable and successful in the market

Software testing is an independent division (testminds) within InApp with a big team of versatile QA Engineers on board. We help clients plan their test investments and manage critical testing processes to reduce the total cost of producing quality software. Our Software Quality Assurance (SQA) group with its robust and repeatable processes ensures consistent high-quality testing services. The services are tailored to meet client specific needs and are focused on delivering results and high business value.

 Functional Testing

Verify whether the mainline functions of your applications operate in conformance with the requirement specifications, check for basic usability, accessibility & error conditions.

 Performance Testing

Eliminate performance bottlenecks in your application. Check to determine how your application performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. Investigate for its speed, scalability and reliability and resource usage.

 Web Services Testing

Find out whether APIs return the correct response for a broad range of feasible requests, react properly to edge cases, deliver responses in an acceptable amount of time, and respond securely to potential security attacks.

 Security Testing

How secure are your applications? Let us help you identify the threats in your application, measure the potential vulnerabilities and detect the security risks in the system.

 Web Automation

Testing doesn’t always have to be manual, time-consuming and complicated. Increase the effectiveness, efficiency and test coverage for your application with reliable web test automation tools.

 Mobile Automation

Building a high-quality, robust and reliable mobile app in an ecosystem which is unbelievably dynamic and fragmented is a challenge and mobile test automation is definitely a cost effective solution to this problem.

To make software better, more reliable and successful