InApp /Parenting Webinar on Kids and Screen Time

Parenting Webinar on Kids and Screen Time

Parenting Webinar on Kids and Screen Time

Away from their schools and playmates and confined to the four walls of homes, children are not having the best times of their lives during this pandemic. According to some studies, isolation and social distancing may have some perilous effects on children’s social development. With learning going virtual, children are having to spend even more time on electronic devices than ever before. Setting screen time limits under these circumstances can feel almost impossible for parents now. How can parents strike a balance in such a situation? Is there such a thing as too much screen time? How to help children adapt to their new normal? What are some of the long term effect?

To help answer some of these questions, Elefaanty, the team working on a young learners’ platform at InApp recently organized a live webinar on ‘Screen Time and Kids’ with Wing Commander Navdeep Parmar (Retd), Child Development Specialist, as the speaker. Stressing on the importance of kids being monitored for what they do on the internet, she also talked about the many advantages of the internet if used in the proper way.

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