InApp /Mr. Vijay Kumar Rejoins as CEO of InApp

Mr. Vijay Kumar Rejoins as CEO of InApp

The Board of Directors of InApp is pleased to announce the return of Mr. Vijay Kumar as the new Chief Executing Officer (CEO) effective September 1, 2017. Mr. Amarnath Raja, InApp co-founder, and current CEO, will take on the position of Executive Chairman and continue to serve as the member of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Vijay Kumar is one of the co-founders of InApp along with Mr. Amarnath Raja, Mr. Satish Babu, and Mr. Rakesh Puri. He was with InApp for a period of 10 years after which he went on sabbatical to undertake the position of CEO of TestHouse India, an IT consultancy specializing in software quality and IT risk mitigation. Mr. Kumar is currently the Hon. Secretary of GTech, which is the industry body for IT/ITeS companies in the state of Kerala. He was the founding chair of Young Indians (Yi) in Trivandrum and is a member of the executive council of the British Business Group, Chennai.

“I foresee that the next years are going to be great for InApp with Vijay at the helm.”, said Executive Chairman, Mr. Amarnath Raja. “He has the experience, dynamism, and leadership; qualities that I admire. I am sure InApp will grow by leaps and bounds under his able leadership. “

Commenting on his appointment as CEO, Mr. Kumar said – “It’s an honor for me to lead InApp and I look forward to the amazing opportunity to serve as the CEO of a company known for its technical expertise, vibrant culture, and world class performance”.

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