InApp /InApp unveils blockchain-based product at MWC 2018, Barcelona

InApp unveils blockchain-based product at MWC 2018, Barcelona

InApp unveils blockchain-based product at MWC 2018, Barcelona

February 27, 2018: InApp has unveiled its first blockchain-based product at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The product, named iWitness, is a virtual notarizing system for arbitrary information artifacts including documents, images, videos or audio recordings for the enterprise, built on the Hyperledger Fabric platform, a permissioned blockchain developed by IBM and part of the Hyperledger Project of Linux Foundation.

Operating as an Android app, iWitness allows users in an Enterprise ecosystem to store the hash–or the “digital fingerprint”–of the artifact, together with the metadata including location and multiple timestamps, on the blockchain. Once stored this way, these records are rendered immutable, and any unauthorized changes (external intrusion or internal misuse) are detected by the system, thus providing an un-tamperable storage.

“This is an ideal solution for establishing the existence, integrity, time of creation, or ownership of documents or artifacts, and can have wide usage among large enterprises as well as within the government. As it is built on an enterprise blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric, it avoids per-submission fees and encourages in-enterprise submissions.”, said Vijay Kumar, CEO, InApp.

InApp’s offerings in the Blockchain space include both custom applications for clients, as well as retrofitting existing applications with Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs). Hyperledger Fabric, is an open source project from IBM that provides a secure, scalable, platform that permits access control, confidential transactions, smart contracts and pluggable consensus engines.

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