InApp /InApp Holds Another Virtual All Hands Meeting

InApp Holds Another Virtual All Hands Meeting

InApp Holds Another Virtual All Hands Meeting

With the world still under the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, InApp All Hands Meeting was held virtual again. CEO Vijay Kumar’s reassurance of stability in the company’s commitment to the employees saw all-round applause and approval. Interacting with the employees, he took up questions about their concerns on the company’s new policies, current business situation, and future direction. Speaking on the continuing performance, the CEO appreciated the dedication and hard work put in by the employees even while working from home. Though a little concerned with the dampening business environment everywhere in the world, he expressed satisfaction with the signing of new projects and renewals and exuded confidence that the company would continue performing in the future.. He further spoke on the ongoing activities in the company and reassured the employees of the company’s capability and resources to deal with the unpredictable business environment. Finally, the CEO asked employees to maintain a work-life balance and take care of their health and families in such difficult times.

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