InApp Aala Team Organizes a Carnival to Support Education and Foster Community Spirit

InApp Aala Team Organizes a Carnival to Support Education and Foster Community Spirit

On May 24th, 2024, Aala, the team at InApp responsible for cultural programs and charity events, organized the Aala Carnival, a fundraising event aimed at supporting the students of SKV LPS Kadinamkulam school. The carnival, which took place over the weekend, brought together InApp employees and their families in a vibrant celebration filled with fun activities and a shared sense of purpose.

The primary goal of the Aala Carnival was to raise funds to provide study materials for the students of SKV LPS Kadinamkulam for their upcoming academic year. Recognizing the importance of education and the challenges faced by many students in accessing necessary resources, InApp’s initiative aimed to make a difference in the lives of these young learners.

The event featured a variety of attractions, including games, food stalls, and live performances all designed to entertain attendees while contributing to a worthy cause. Children and adults alike enjoyed the diverse range of activities, creating a festive atmosphere that was both enjoyable and meaningful.

In addition to its charitable objective, the Aala Carnival served as an opportunity for all InApp employees, affectionately known as InAppians, and their families to come together and create lasting memories. The event fostered a sense of camaraderie and community spirit, strengthening the bonds among colleagues and their loved ones.

The funds raised during the carnival will be used to purchase textbooks, notebooks, stationery, and other essential study materials for the students. InApp’s commitment to social responsibility and community engagement was demonstrated through the Aala Carnival, making it a memorable and impactful event for all involved.

 InApp remains dedicated to supporting education and fostering a strong community spirit, with the Aala Carnival being a shining example of these values in action.

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