Bian Li, TEDx Speaker & Founder of The Hungry Labs visits InApp

The Hungry Lab, established in 2016 is a decentralized global platform to empower impactful ventures, initiatives and corporate startups. We were honoured to host Bian Li, Founder of The Hungry Lab who is also a two time TEDx speaker, at our InApp office, Thiruvananthapuram on 24th December 2019. As a futurist, entrepreneur and technologist, Bian Li aims in guiding and empowering young startups and entrepreneurs on the right track. During our discussion, Bian Li explained in detail how an independent startup focussed on a particular technology such as Blockchain can sustain and the areas where the founders and engineers should focus their efforts to attract potential clients. We also got a chance to discuss InApp’s journey for 20 years and our exciting plans for the next decade.