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Business Analyst

Senior Systems Analyst – Java (10+ years)

Project Location(s):



Experience: 10+ years

Job Description:


Technical Skills:

Technologies : Java,JSF, XML, SQL, HTML, CSS, JSON

UI Framework – Primeface (Not Mandatory)

Databases: Sybase or MySQL or Oracle

Source control: GIT

Expectation: Should have good exposure in Code and Software design review

Code Review:

  1. Coding Standards: Review should make sure code is following the set of guidelines and conventions set within a project.
  2. Code Complexity: Reviewer should assess code complexity and suggest simplifications or refactorings when necessary.
  3. Performance Considerations: Assess the code for potential performance bottlenecks and recommend optimizations where needed.
  4. Code Linting: Utilize any of the code analysis tools like Checkstyle, PMD, and FindBugs to identify and fix code issues.
  5. Unit Tests: Code should be accompanied by unit tests, and code reviewers should ensure adequate test coverage.
  6. Code Quality Metrics: Use tools like SonarQube to assess code quality, maintainability, and design metrics.

Software Design:

  1. Architectural Patterns: Familiarize with common architectural patterns like MVC, MVVM, and microservices
  2. Design Patterns: Expect the use of appropriate design patterns to solve common software design problems efficiently.
  3. Design Reviews: Conduct design reviews to focus on high-level architectural decisions and system organization.
  4. Design Documentation: Capable of doing design documents or diagrams that provide an overview of the system’s architecture and component interactions.