Data Analytics Engineer/Sr. Data Analytics Engineer with 3+ years of experience

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Experience: 3+ Years

Designation: Data Analytics Engineer/Sr. Data Analytics Engineer

Key responsibilities:

  • Design and develop a platform with services for data ingestion, orchestration, and analytics, that accelerates and automates data engineering, data preparation, and analysis
  • Develop analytic solutions for industry verticals and cross-enterprise product research using a variety of methodologies including ETL, data mining, and machine learning
  • Design and prototype ETL pipelines that integrate data from disparate sources and in different formats
  • Build flexible, insightful tools, dashboards, and reports that enable better decision making
  • Contribute to and maintain a codebase that facilitates rapid iteration and prototyping across the analytics team
  • Present analytics solutions and results to senior stakeholders and clients
  • Work with Engineering team to implement final analytics solutions

Required qualifications:

  • Proficiency in at least one programming language and familiarity with others (Python, Java, Scala)
  • Experience working in a Big Data ecosystem (Apache Spark, Hive, GCP – Dataproc, Bigquery, AWS – EMR, Athena, etc.)
  • Experience with Machine learning software such as Pandas/Scikit, R, Spark MLlib
  • Experience working with BI tools like Tableau as well as advanced visualization tools like D3, Matplotlib, GGPlot
  • Experience working with RESTful Services and Microservices
  • Skilled in using data science solutions to tackle complex business problems
  • Flexible, self-motivated individual with a desire to work in a dynamic, fast-paced start-up environment

Preferred qualifications:

  • Good understanding of Distributed Systems and parallel computing paradigms
  • Strong understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases and development paradigms
  • Experience with cloud computing technologies

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