Our Approach

Engagement Models

Fixed Bid

(This model is ideal when requirements are well defined)

  • Software services for a specified price or price range
  • Billing based on milestones set at the beginning
T & M (time and material)

(This model is ideal when requirements are not fully known or if they are subject to change)

  • Price based on the number of hours put into the project
  • Billing on monthly basis
ODC (off-shore dedicated centre)

(This model is ideal when customers need to augment their own team)

  • Team of software engineers dedicated exclusively to the client

Delivery Models




Ensuring Security

Restricted Office Access

InApp is a part of the Technopark Campus at Trivandrum, India. Any physical access is limited to personnel working there and authorized visitors. Visitors are screened upon entry and escorted to their locations.

Restricted Server Access

Access to all servers (physically or via network) is highly restricted. Only authorized users are allowed to access servers. Based on the nature and sensitivity of the data, isolated network and encrypted disk facilities are provided.

Isolated Networks

Project Specific Isolated Network: Based on the nature of the project, InApp provides tightly isolated networks. Internet connectivity is also restricted accordingly.

Code Repositories

SVN/CVS/TFS/GIT [code repositories]: Project-based access controls are enabled in the code repositories.

Regular Audits

Audits to check software updates and patches are regularly carried out. They are frequently monitored to detect and prevent unauthorized access attempts and other security threats.

DB Server Security

By defining project-specific roles and access rights to the users, all the DB servers are also protected from unauthorized access.

Anti-virus / Anti-malware

All the hosts and workstations are protected with an anti-virus. Regular updates along with frequent scans are carried out to ensure the hosts remain protected.

Password Policy

The password policy follows a set of standards, such as length, complexity and expiration. Policies are implemented by ensuring periodic review and audits.

Quality Assurance (QA)

InApp boasts the following quality measure:

  • Independent Software Testing department within InApp ‏
  • QA processes implemented from the get-go of the project
  • Well defined testing process in place
  • An experienced and competent team of engineers
  • Services: Functional, Performance, Web Services, Security, Web Automation, Mobile Automation
  • Process oriented approach
  • Works as the testing partner for several product companies in the US
  • Constant collaboration with the development team to ensure knowledge sharing

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