At InApp we believe in giving back and getting actively involved with the community we live in. Over the years we have supported many causes for the betterment of our society in our small way.

CSI–InApp Awards

The InApp Award was established in collaboration with CSI, with the aim to recognize and promote students who demonstrate exceptional talent in developing software applications. For more information visit CSI -InApp Awards website

About CSI

The Computer Society of India (CSI) is the largest association of information technology professionals in India, with over 1,00,000 members, comprising software developers, scientists, academicians, project managers, CIOs, CTOs and IT vendors, among others. The society has 73 chapters across India. Being closely associated with students, CSI has developed a well-established network of 500 student branches. The purposes of the Society are scientific and educational, and directed towards the advancement of the theory and practice of Computer Science & IT.

Humanitarian & Community Benefit Programs

We actively conduct and take part in humanitarian programs that benefit the community. Some of these include:

  • Organizing Tsunami relief activities, like setting up the NGO NCRC (Coordination & Resource Centre) to coordinate the relief activity
  • Involvement in e-governance initiatives
  • Involvement with ICSF (International Collective in Support of Fish workers) and UNDP – (United Nations Development Programme) to build web-based IT infrastructure and multimedia based content
  • Providing monetary help to college students
  • Visits to hospitals to help underprivileged patients
  • Contributions to orphanages and old age homes
  • Participation in blood donation camps

Rice Bucket Challenge

Visiting Children at Carmel Mandiram