Re-Engineering ERP Solution for an Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

About the Client

Our client is one of the largest manufacturers in a complete line of standard washers, special washers, speciality stampings, bushings, standoffs, brackets, shims, filters and coins. Established in the year 1957, the company serves customers such as Boeing, Bombardier, Rolls Royce, GE and several other organizations across the globe. Based
out of Orange County, California, our client has over 150+ workforce and 75000 sq. foot manufacturing facility.

Business Challenge

  • Most of the client’s business operations were based on FoxPro which required an upgrade.
  • Separate applications were used for different activities Production, Supply Chain, Accounting which resulted in less productivity.
  • The client was looking for a long term partner to migrate their legacy application to a more efficient web-based model.
  • Some of the company’s operations lacked digital transformation and was initially carried out using paper. Their entire architecture needed a revamp without affecting
    the existing customer base as well as to meet the current digital trends.

InApp’s Solution

Our engagement with the client began with a dedicated offshore team working towards developing an upgraded and a web-based version of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. The existing version was built using FoxPro which was gradually becoming obsolete and lacked many essential features. InApp used Dot Net in developing the framework for the new application and HTML5, CSS, AngularJS for designing the web interface. The result was an all-in-one secure and effective ERP tool that was capable of handling the overall tasks & functionalities in an enterprise.
Our main challenge during the product enhancement was to manage the customers who were actively using the application since the client had a huge customer base across the country. However, InApp made sure that the product’s existing customers were retained and were gradually migrated to the new environment

Technologies Used

Microsoft .Net:

The older version of FoxPro based ERP application was migrated to a Dot Net based all-in-one system which included Inventory Management, Supply Chain, Shipment Tracking, Sales & Maintenance and different other functionalities in an enterprise.


The application capabilities were extended to a web-based model which allows the users to access the system through any browser. The front end static pages were designed using HTML5 and styled using CSS


The framework that was used to develop the web application was built using AngularJS. This helped in creating more dynamic web pages that are expressive and interactive for the customers.


Responsive charts and reports providing deeper insights were one of the added functionalities to the system. This was developed in the web-based model using Chartist.JS, a customizable charting library.

Business Benefit

  • Improved inventory management & order tracking mechanism with more than 95% accuracy.
  • An all-in-one web-based ERP solution to serve all the requirements in an enterprise.
  • An advanced management system built on Dot Net that is on track with the current business trends & changes. Enhanced synchronization of a vast
    amount of information generated between different entities in the organisation.
  • An improved revenue tracking & billing system that is capable of eradicating any revenue leakages which earlier existed in the older version of the

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