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Company Bio

MPulse Software, Inc. is a leading provider of maintenance management software developed by experts in maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) and facility management. The company’s world-class solutions provide reliable scheduling, tracking, and reporting tools for equipment and facilities maintenance organizations.

Over 3,500 customers around the globe depend on MPulse to keep production lines running for every product imaginable, and facilities like schools, hospitals, and office buildings running operating at peak efficiency. 

In business for nearly 30 years, MPulse serves more than 3,500 customers around the world and maintains sales offices in Ohio, Delaware, Oregon, Texas, and Pennsylvania as well as Dubai, India, and Malaysia. In 2017, MPulse became part of the JDM Technology Group, a global software business focused on delivering business software systems for the architecture, engineering and construction industries with over 150,000 users served in 40 countries on 7 continents, employing over 500 staff.

“InApp was the only one that didn’t require royalties or purchasing a proprietary development environment. They didn’t have any nonsense in their quote.” – Randall Brous, President


  • 70% Reduction in Software Dev Costs
  • 15+ Year Partnership
  • 4 major versions of MPulse CMMS
  • 3 MPulse mobile applications

Industries / Solutions

Technologies Employed

Business Challenge

Back in 2005, MPulse Software wanted to expand its computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) by adding a mobile version for Pocket PCs. New to mobile device development, the company decided to try outsourcing the development of this new product by contracting with a software development company. 

“We put together a request for proposals, and sent it out to about 30 companies,” explained Randall Brous, MPulse Software president. “InApp was the only one that didn’t require royalties or purchasing a proprietary development environment. They didn’t have any nonsense in their quote. InApp just said, ‘Yes, here’s the number of people and the number of hours you’ll need.’ So, we thought ‘let’s try it.’”


That project resulted in InApp’s development of MPulse MobileWorks, a Pocket PC/Win CE.NET client that was MPulse’s first mobile application at the time. Not only did the new app fulfill the needs of MPulse and its customers, it also won Plant Engineering Product of the Year award in 2007. When Randall thinks back to that first project, he sees it as a turning point for MPulse. “It raised the level of what we were doing, from being kind of a mom-and-pop software shop to a more professional software company,” he explained. 

With one successful project completed, MPulse and InApp began working together on other projects, eventually establishing a monthly retainer. This close working relationship continues today, with InApp developing the last four major versions of MPulse CMMS, as well as mobile applications, data integration tools, websites, Salesforce custom development, and more.

MPulse relies on InApp to keep its software updated to meet evolving technology and customer needs, using a range of technology that includes Microsoft .NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Ajax Tool Kit, and Flutter. It’s a model that’s enabled MPulse to grow over the years. 

“As a small business, outsourcing gives you access to expertise that you’d have in a larger company, but you’re only playing for the portion of it that you use,” Randall explained. “So, if I want a UI/UX designer, but I don’t need a full-time employee, I can hire a contractor for the time I need for my projects. The flexibility to expand or contract depending on what you need is not something you can do with employees.”


Since partnering with InApp, MPulse has enjoyed a sustained run of high double-digit revenue growth and was acquired in 2017 by JDM Technology Group, a global leader in design, construction, and operations software. But that’s just one of the multiple benefits MPulse has experienced from its partnership with InApp over the years.

After that first project, MPulse soon realized InApp’s quality assurance specialists could improve the detection and resolution of issues in the software, as well as the delivery of satisfactory outcomes.

“We brought them in to do QA for our in-house developers. It rapidly became apparent that they could do a better job if we gave them more control over the process,” Randall said.

MPulse found InApp’s expertise in a large—and always growing—spectrum of technologies to be vital as the software industry evolved. While MPulse closely manages all projects, it eventually replaced most of its internal developers with InApp. 

“It’s very collaborative at this point,” Randall said.“ They know what we’re trying to do and where we want it to go, so they can bring their expertise in different technologies to us. A great example is our new native mobile app, MPulse Mobile. They recommended using Google Flutter, which is a very popular frontend UI for mobile. We’re very pleased with the app, and our customers are too.”

Many of the same InApp employees still work closely with MPulse after all these years. That staff continuity is a big benefit as MPulse works to constantly break new ground in both technology and the CMMS marketplace.

“They have in-depth knowledge of MPulse, how the software works, and what they need to do to add features,” Randall said. “You can’t replace that long-term expertise.”

A Long-Term Partnership

MPulse’s first-hand experience gives Randall a different perspective on the challenges and benefits in outsourcing software development with an overseas company. He attributes MPulse and InApp’s long success to extremely clear expectations and efforts to maintain good communication on both sides.

“If there’s an issue, they’re really good about working out a solution that’s good for both of us,” Randall explained. “The long-term relationship has always been more important to InApp than a short-term contract.”

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