Hyphen Solutions: Offshore Development Partnership for Product Development & Enhancement

Company Bio

Hyphen Solutions has been providing industry-leading construction management software to Home Builders, Suppliers, and Manufacturers since 1999. By leveraging technology, Builders and Suppliers can focus on what they do best: deliver quality, customer satisfaction, safety, and continuous process improvements.

Hyphen has developed an array of products to support different business needs from ERP to payment processing and more.

Business Challenge

Hyphen Solutions was seeking a dedicated offshore development partner to assist in application development and enhancement roadmap of their products. Since Hyphen has an array of products with a diverse range of technologies, they encountered significant challenges in recruiting, retaining, and managing the necessary resources.


InApp proposed to function as an extended team or long-term partner for Hyphen, capable of flexibly adjusting to the client’s needs. The advantages that led Hyphen to select InApp included cost-effectiveness, track record access to proficient talent, efficient project management, and scalability.

The partnership started with working on one product (BuildPro) which was built on hybrid technology using an older version of AngularJS, prompting InApp to propose rewriting the application in hybrid technology, specifically Cordova, incorporating Angular 4 or later technologies. The team composition consisted of two developers for three months.

Upon completion of the project, the client was impressed with our project delivery and the quality of the product. This led Hyphen to increase the engagement across the technologies over the years. We ramped up to a 51-member team during 2021-22 to meet the requirements of the client.

Currently, InApp is actively engaged in 11 projects for Hyphen, providing development and testing support for a total of 8 products. Currently, we have a 39-member dedicated team, including architects, BAs, developers, AI developers, and QA.


InApp’s focus extended beyond merely developing the requested features for Hyphen, as we aimed to enhance the overall business value. Here are the key highlights:

  • InApp was selected as the partner to conceive and develop new products from inception, including Hyphen CRM, Wallet, and BuildPro mobile applications.
  • InApp developers collaborate closely with Hyphen product owners, subject matter experts (SMEs), developers, and architects to foster synergy and become chosen partners for the last 6 years.
  • The collaboration between InApp and Hyphen has not only improved the overall efficiency of Hyphen products but also provided businesses with reliable, secure, and scalable solutions.
  • InApp’s contributions have strengthened Hyphen’s position as the top residential construction management software in the US.
  • As the technology partner, InApp’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is involved in vetting any significant technological changes.
  • Presently, InApp serves as an extended team for Hyphen, comprising developers, testers, UI/UX experts, and architects.