Apps to support Foster Care Case Managers & Providers

Company Bio

For the past 21 years, Miracle Foundation has improved the lives of more than 15,000 orphaned and vulnerable children at more than 300 orphanages in India. Miracle Foundation is an international nonprofit for children, headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in New York City and New Delhi. Building on a vision of collaboration, they are part of a global network of nonprofit organizations leading the worldwide movement to end the need for orphanages in our lifetime. The Miracle Foundation lives by their vision that “Every child has the right to live with a family who loves and cares for them.”

Industries / Solutions

  • Child welfare
  • Foster care
  • Social work

Technologies Employed

  • React.JS
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • AWS
  • Node.JS

Business Challenge

After years of on-the-ground experience and careful analysis, the Miracle Foundation wanted to turn their expertise from orphanages to families and to lead a global movement to bring children home whenever possible. That included training the social workforce on alternatives to orphanage care, reaching into communities to strengthen Child Protections Committees at the local level, incentivizing youth, and identifying vulnerable families long before the need for child placement arises.

The Miracle Foundation wanted to apply its technology and measurement skills to the U.S. Foster Care System, connecting families to vital services through an easy-to-use app and streamlining the complex reporting requirements that foster families face.

The Home Thrive project scope included…
Web Portal
  • User management, authentication, and authorization
  • Master modules: users, organizations, family, child, questions, forms
  • Assessments and Thrive Scale chart
  • Calendar: view assessments, schedule visits
  • Dashboard: 15 widgets
  • Reports: 16 Reports
  • Multi-language support: English, Hindi
  • Audit log for children
Native Mobile App
  • Login for caseworkers
  • Listing assessments
  • Calendar view
  • Assessment form and Thrive Scale chart
  • Multi-language support: English, Hindi
  • Offline mode
The Home Thrive project scope included…
Web Portal
  • User management for both
    Children and families
  • Reports: behavioral logs, recreational logs, medical logs
  • Scheduled notifications
Native Mobile App
  • Daily behavior log
  • Recreational log
  • Medical log with DocuSign integration
  • Red flagging logs using AI
  • Spanish support
  • Push notifications in phone screen


The Miracle Foundation enlisted the software development services of InApp to design its new Home Thrive platform and enhance its existing Foster Share platform with additional features and technology upgrades.

For the new Home Thrive platform, InApp developed a web portal and mobile app for the Miracle Foundation to collect data, measure progress, and assess risk at every stage of a child in care. This software incorporated the Miracle Foundation’s Thrive Scale based on five wellbeing domains and the UN Rights of the Child. This tool allows the Miracle Foundation to collect and track data across a wide spectrum of health and wellness factors to give every child the chance to reach their full potential.

The existing FosterShare provided an easy way to report, connect, and keep track of the complex foster care system. InApp upgraded multiple features, including calendar syncing, legal compliance, special events, in-home visits, and more. The new FosterShare app alerts case managers to negative trends without wading through paperwork. That helps with multiple tasks, including prioritization, reminders, and calendar coordination.

“FosterShare is so convenient I do my logging in the grocery store when I’m waiting in line or while I’m waiting to pick up my kids. My daily logging is done in like a minute. I love it!”

– Foster Parent, Leander, TX




Regular interactions between the InApp Project Manager and the Miracle Foundation team accelerated the software development process and helped to ensure all deadlines were met.


InApp’s team of software development experts oversaw the development and the upgrade, as well as the incorporation of new technologies for critical workflow changes.


InApp’s DevOps assessment, automation, and management services empowered the Miracle Foundation with a delivery stream that helped drive business transformation. DevOps facilitated continuous software development by aligning IT strategy with IT infrastructure to improve operations and cut costs, while also helping the Miracle Foundation to quickly adapt to sudden challenges and requirements.


InApp’s in-house Independent Software Testing department provide full-cycle QA and testing services for both projects, as well as custom testing for individual components. Certified ISTQB professionals used established testing protocols for each stage of the software product lifecycle, including
performance, UI, and manual testing.

Changing the Lives of Children

Today the Miracle Foundation uses the data from Home Thrive and FosterShare to drive organizational decisions and ensure that all children thrive. This work is helping the organization keep children safe and home permanently, moving towards their goal of ending the age of the orphanages.

“Our vision is a family for every child, starting in India and the U.S., and eventually around the world. InApp has played a role in helping us realize that vision. Their work on our Home Thrive and FosterShare apps will transform how we take care of children around the world.”